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G Styled: Steve Jobs - The Retiring Of A Fashion Icon

So the news isn't quite that new anymore. Steve Jobs has resigned as CEO of Apple. Now there will never be anyone who can replace a Steve Jobs, and I would like to take a moment to talk about this fashion designer's great moments in fashion.

Yes I said fashion, I would be so bold as to put Steve Jobs up there with great fashion designers as Versace, Gucci, and Prada. Make no mistake, in the tech space in terms of stylish products, Apple and Steve Jobs is the company to strive for. What he has done at Apple has inspired a movement, that people are still trying to copy or do better. Companies are in legal battles with Apple now over whether these products violent patents (Samsung, for example).

Under Steve's hand, Apple has released such style-forward devices as the Macbook Air, unibody Macbook Pros, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, and the newer iMacs, making this CEO a fashion icon. Stevenotes are buzzed about and attended in droves like high fashion shows during Fashion Week. But it wasn't always this rosy with Apples products. While an Apple device today is the blueprint for a sexy piece of hardware, there have been some misses.

From the Apple 2 up until the Macintosh Portable, I wouldn't have called any of these products stylish. But then that wasn't the era for style. Apple started to grow a fashion sense around the time of the Power Mac G3. This was a computer that had a funky design and added some color into the mix.

But even after its fashion awakening, Apple had some flops; the iMac G3 comes to mind for me. While these computers had added a variety of colors, I was always left feeling that the iMac G3 was preparing for takeoff with that airplane nose back housing it had and this didn't really scream fashion forward lol. Another failure is the Mac Cube. Nice try there, but um that wasn't cool looking either.

When the iMac G4 and the iPod Mini came out,  we started to see Apple becoming the fashion icon that it is today. Ugly Mac Cubes turned into Mac Minis and Ugly first generation iPods (which wasn't hot to me and was a bulky ole thing), turned into Minis then Nanos, and then iPod Touches. Even that ugly Macintosh Portable turned into Macbook and Macbook Pros.

Make no mistake, today's Apple is a fashion powerhouse. The house that Steve built is what people think about when they think of tech products as fashionable items. Hell the idea for G Style Magazine (my magazine by the way), was inspired when the first iPod Mini came in our a variety of colors. Steve I wish you well and hope you enjoy your reduced time away from the day to day of Apple. You will certainly be missed!