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G Styled: Nokia Lumia 800 - Sexiest Windows Phone Yet

Let's be clear. Microsoft is trailing behind Apple and Google when it comes to smartphones. So it hasn't been able to gain any major marketing share. Nokia to me represents a chance to do that. It isn't going to be a easy uprising, but the Nokia Lumia 800 finally gives the company at least a fighting chance.

Nokia to me has always made sexy hardware, it was just the UI/OS of their devices that turned me off. Their OS hasn't had the same cool appeal as iOS or Android. Partnering their sexy hardware with Windows Phone gives them an edge not seen before. And the Lumia 800 is a sexy piece of hardware that's sleek, smooth, and modern feeling. Plus the Lumia 800 comes in a gamut of color, which is always a plus.

The Nokia Lumia 800 feels great in the hand when holding it, and good when put in your pocket. Nokia has given this thing some sharp edges, so you might want to watch it there, but otherwise after getting use to it you'll be fine.

The Windows Phone OS isn't bad, but it isn't the cat's meow either. If you're coming from a dumb or featured phone, Windows Phone isn't a bad option to start off with. Personally if Android didn't have a grip on me and I was just starting out, I would purchase the Nokia Lumia 800. Style wise it is very cool. Windows Phone and Nokia are definitely stronger together than apart.

Would I buy this phone? Honestly yes, but not in the boring black color that was sent to Laptop Magazine. I would get it in Blue just for a little extra flavor!

Nokia Lumia 800 G Style Rating: Rising Star