G Styled: Netbooks Finally Get Sophisticated

This week at Laptop Magazine I was shown a real treat: the Samsung N150 Plus. When I think of Netbooks, style and sophistication aren't usually the the top verbs I would use to describe them. That changed when I saw this Samsung system.

Yes it is small, light, and inexpensive like other netbooks. But when I look at the Samsung N150 Plus, I think stylish business man or woman on the go. This netbook looks as if a highly paid executive needed a computer and wanted to look good in the process. This business person pulled out their fancy outfit for the day, dressed to impress, and then pulled out a drawer in their closet and looked for a fancy computer to be seen with as well.

If you remember the article I did on the Samsung R780, then you will be familiar with the color of this laptop. Now imagine that same machine, but bite sized and much easier to carry around. Smooth, glossy velvet rope red for the lid cover welcomes you to the machine, and begs on-lookers to see who you are.

When you open this netbook however, you get the same look and feel as many other netbooks in this genre. The keyboard isn't too bad so I won't knock it there, but it is pretty plain on the inside.

To wrap up, while I can't give the Samsung N150 Plus points for the inside, you have to think about it like this. On the inside you're there to work, not look good. But to everyone else "watching" you work, you'll be looking good!

Samsung N150 Plus G Style Rating: Fashion Forward

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