G Styled: HTC EVO 3D vs HTC Sensation 4G - Who is the King of the Summer?

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Another summer, and more Android devices than you can shake a stick at will be making their debut. But the question remains, who can be the king of this summer? Both the HTC EVO 3D and the HTC Sensation 4G are slated to come out this summer, but which of these Android OS 2.3.3 / Sense UI 3.0 devices can be king? While both phones were very hot devices, I can only choose one as winner.

With the HTC EVO 3D, you have the same HTC cookie cutter design as the other 4.3-inch screen devices that HTC has done before. However something about the EVO 3D feels a little slimmer and not as wide as, say, an HTC Inspire 4G. You also get this nice textured and rubberized back casing, which is definitely a plus (rubber is always a plus).  As I mentioned, it is running Android OS 2.3.3 and has Sense UI 3.0. Sense in itself is sexy, so this definitely helps the EVO 3D.

What about the 3D aspect of the device? While I will admit the pictures I took with the camera in 3D mode do look good, I couldn't see myself staring at it for any extended period of time. I still feel 3D is just a gimmick and I'm not buying into it, so it didn't add to my feelings for the phone.

The HTC Sensation 4G has the same Android OS and Sense, so it definitely has that sexiness going for it, but this phone has so much more. The Sensation has a nice back casing with a mix of rubber and metal. The Sensation also has a nice thin profile and sexy curved lines all around.

When I look at the HTC EVO 3D, I see a nice business looking phone for the daily work grind. But with the HTC Sensation 4G, I see a nice out on the town, looking smooth, and club hopping phone. If I had to choose a king of this summer, with confidence I would give it to the HTC Sensation. It has the latest and greatest Android OS, Sense UI 3.0, and it oozes style and fashion!

HTC EVO 3D G Style Rating: Business Casual
HTC Sensation 4G G Style Rating: Club Chic

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  • Adriana Pucker Says:

    However, as being the first 3D Android phones, the EVO 3D is a worthy successor to the EVO 4G.

  • coolfx35 Says:

    I had problems connecting to the computer as well, and while chatting with HTC-support I changed the USB-port, and guess what... USB3 did not work, USB2 did. Strange, but that was all, and I was connected to HTC Synk. About connecting to HTCsence.com, I had problems too. The "flash-wheel" kept turning , but thats it. But again, after a while, and lots of waiting, I came trough, and since that it has'nt been any problem. Post this question on http://www.htcsensationforum.com but no response.Seems like this brilliant phone needs some time to understand itself......

  • Jason Anderson Says:

    What we have here is a failure to read what this column is about. This simple act is the essence of human error. This is like someone failing to read the Don't Walk sign, and then getting upset if they get stuck by a car, or failing to read a bus schedule and seeing the next departure is at a certain time and then getting upset that the bus left without them.

    This entire G Styled column is solely about the look, style, and fashion aspect of consumer electronics. If you would like to read the full review of each devices, Laptop Magazine has got you cover with these are well.

    But please don't come and complain when you failed to read what this was about before reading on :o)

  • me Says:

    Really? You make a decision based on looks alone (and because you think 3D is a gimmick)? No comparison of battery life, performance, or call/signal quality? This was a purely opinionated comparison. To be honest I prefer the looks of the EVO 3D over the Sensation. I think the Sensation looks more immature and the EVO 3D looks more classy and elegant. But that's my opinion. I wanted to see actual differences in the phones and how they relate to experiences on both. You didn't talk about the real differences at all.

    Different cameras: 5MP vs 8MP
    Different RAM: 1GB vs 768MB
    Different Battery sizes: 1730mAH vs 15something

    And that's just off the top of my head without looking anything up.

  • Jo the Pro Says:

    This is by far the worst review I've ever read in my entire life. You chose the winner based on your personal preferences about LOOKS? You would rather go with a "club chic" phone over a "business powerhouse"???? I will never read another post from this website again. Idiot.

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