G Styled: Bamboo ASUS U33Jc Adds A Touch Of Class And Luxury To Laptops

Wow you guys really had a lot of passion about the Dell Streak the other week! This week I won't be bashing a device -- in fact, I love this one. I checked out the ASUS U33Jc, which I actually saw a couple of weeks ago but had to wait on writing about it. I've been eagerly awaiting today!

You can see right from first look that this laptop is different, so it gets cool points just for that. The ASUS U33Jc is made with Bamboo and that blew my mind! This is the first laptop I've seen made with bamboo, and it looks good.

When closed you see the dark brown bamboo and chrome accents, a nice touch. This reminds me of my youth when car makers used to add wood paneling to the interior for a touch of class and luxury. This is how I feel about the ASUS U33Jc; having the bamboo definitely adds a touch of class and luxury to this laptop.

I was also quite surprised that when I opened the laptop up, it wasn't just the plain black color for the keyboard and palm rests. Nope, ASUS kept it going with the bamboo on the palm rests and trackpad. Score!

The regular black keyboard is the only sour note. While it is comfortable to use, I wish Asus did something funky or classy with it as well. Another note: since this is bamboo it is quite eco-friendly as well. Look at that -- sexy and good for mother earth!

If you read the full review, you can see that this laptop isn't just good on the outside, but inside as well. If the ASUS U33Jc was out back when I was shopping for a new one, this would have been a serious contender.

Asus U33Jc G Style Rating: Fashion Icon

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