G Styled: Dell Streak Long on Screen Size, Short on Sex Appeal

This week I took a look at the Dell Streak and... exhales ...I'll try to not completely bash it. You see, K.T. Bradford and I have varying opinions on this device, and our main bone of contention is the size.

I feel that we are in the middle of a dangerous trend in mobile phone technology, where devices will continue to get bigger and bigger. K.T. feels the Streak is a good size and that I’m just hating on it. But seriously, who wants to hold a tablet up their face and talk? Yes, that is what the Streak is to me: it isn't a phone, it’s a tablet that is pretending to be a phone. And this is my problem with it.

I'm not even going to get into the fact that it is only running Android 1.6, because I'm here for style… but really, 1.6!? Actually this does involve style. Android 2.1 is much sexier looking and more stylish than 1.5 or 1.6, so why would you dress up this device in last season's outfit?

Still, the Streak is a nice looking device and a sexy tablet PC…. Oh wait, that's right, it is supposed to be a phone.

It comes down to this: the Streak is monstrous! Nothing about this device screams sexy phone. It's too big, it has an outdated OS, and even the resolution of the screen on this isn't sharp and sexy like a Samsung Galaxy S device. I can't see myself in a sober state recommending this phone to anyone.

But Dell, if you’re reading this, if you release another one and slap some form of PC OS (ex: Windows 7) on this, I will sing your praises.

Dell Streak G Style Phone Rating: Hot Mess

Jason Anderson is a self-proclaimed gadget head and publisher of G Style Magazine where he covers all things “fashionably technical.” He contributes a weekly post on laptop and gadget panache. The views and opinions Jason expresses are his own and we wouldn't have it any other way.