First Look at the Dell Inspiron Mini Mini-Notebook

An Eee PC killer is on the loose! Hide your Eee PC 4Gs, 900s, and even the 901s! Gizmodo's Brian Lam caught a glimpse of a hot red Dell Mini Inspiron. Personally, I am more interested in how Lam just "bumped into" Michael Dell, but here is what was revealed of Dell's mini-notebook. The system has 3 USB ports, a card reader, VGA out, Ethernet, and a "red candy shell". From the looks of the pictures it has a decent-size keyboard and a trackpad with two mouse buttons below it. No word on the pricing, CPU, memory, or even the hard drive. Will you wait for the Dell Inspiron mini-notebook? Surely you'll reconsider after reading about the RazorBook, but what about the MSI Wind or the rumored Eee PC 1000? Still waiting? Update: Dell released some offical photos of the mini-notebook, which we have for you below. No sign yet of specs.