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First Images of Windows Phone 7-powered HTC Omega Leaked

The first images of the Windows Phone 7 Mango-powered HTC Omega have hit the web and if they are accurate, the phone looks to be shaping up nicely. Pocketnow, which first posted the images, says the phone will feature a 3.8" SLCD display and be include a single-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, and include 512MB of RAM.

Judging from the images, it looks like the Omega will have both rear- and front-facing cameras. Expect the rear-facing camera to be of the 8-megapixel variety. The inclusion of front- and rear- facing cameras could also mean that Microsoft will begin offering Skype integration with its Windows Phone 7 phones.

The Omega's two tone color scheme and tapered edges give the phone a sleek and stylish look, which is something Windows Phone 7 devices have been lacking. HTC is likely to debut the Omega, which is still just a codename, at its Sept. 1 press event in London. There's no information about what carriers will support the device has been released.

In addition to the Omega, HTC is also rumored to be readying a more powerful Windows Phone 7 phone tentatively named the HTC Eternity at the Sept. 1 event. Here's hoping the Eternity looks just as good as the Omega does in these screens.

via Pocketnow