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Epson and Meta Augmented Reality Glasses Take on Google Glass

Yup. That's our "O" face. We are super excited about augmented reality glasses, and feel they can't be in our hands soon enough. Meta, a startup composed primarily of Columbia University, students agrees. In partnership with Epson, the company is releasing a developer's kit, composed of stereoscopic glasses that offer a super low latency gesture tracking technology which turns your surroundings into your PC and your hands into controllers. 

"We know natural computation is the future, and our goal is to bring a beautiful, flawless, and intuitive user experience to the world," Meta said in a press release. Not nearly enough details are known about these awkward looking glasses, in terms of specs, price, release timing for the public. What we do know is that Meta was founded by developer Meron Gribetz and professor Steven Feiner with developers in mind. The idea is to give users gesture control of 3D virtual objects set inside their physical surroundings. The hardware is comprised of a pair of glasses with a mini-projector-like device attached to the top of the frames. 

According to CEO Gribetz, "It’s the way computers always should have been: wearable, viewed through both eyes, and directly controlled using their entire arms and hands.” We can hardly wait to get our hands on these things to find out if he's right.