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Edge Shopping Extension Alerts You to Price Drops

Extensions for Microsoft's Edge browser may be trickling in at a slow pace, but the latest add-on is a boon for online shoppers . Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant keeps track of every product you view, shows price comparisons and even sends you notifications for items you're tracking. And while it may sound like CamelCamelCamel, it works with thousands of stores, not just

Users can download the free extension from the Windows Store today and they'll have to click agree to enable it in Edge. As I used Shopping Assistant, I quickly noticed the value it can provide for online shopaholics, though I wish it had a little more time in the design oven. 

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After you've installed it, Shopping Assistant just sits in the background, waiting to be activated. By default, it's hidden under the three-dots button found at the top-right corner of Edge, but you can make it appear in the menu bar by right clicking on Shopping Assistant and selecting "Show next to address bar."

A heart outline appears while you're browsing products in online stores, and clicking on that heart adds the item you're viewing to your favorites list. That's more important than the list's name implies, as Shopping Assistant sends notifications any time the price of any of your favorites changes.

Once you open Shopping Assistant, it shows you a list of every single product you've viewed in online stores (Microsoft claims the extension supports thousands of them). Here you can mark viewed items as favorites and select items you want to compare. This could be a very useful trail for those trying to remember that cool gadget they saw online, but it raised my privacy-minded eyebrow. 

I could see this being a great way for a spouse to discover the presents you're thinking about buying for them, or other, unseemly items viewed. Fortunately, there is a Clear History button, and you can delete individual items by clicking on the X.

My biggest grievance with Shopping Assistant is its limited comparison tool. It's not exactly formatted well, taking up a whole screen with one entry. Secondly, it requires you to have viewed items to compare them, and I'd rather it hunt down that products at other retailers for me.

All in all, though, Microsoft Personal Shopping Assistant is a solid option for the shopper who isn't tied to just Amazon.

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