Dell Offers Core i7 on Studio 17, 15, and XPS 16 Notebooks

Dell's Core i7 offerings don't stop with high-end gaming rigs like the Alienware M15x. Dell announced today that they're offering the processor as an option in their Studio 15, 17, and XPS 16 systems.

The Studio 17 is getting the most major update, souping up its multimedia creation and consumption capacities to form an entertainment powerhouse. The HD+ 16:9 display is a roomy 17.3 inches (1600x900 resolution) and should beautifully show off what the ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650 graphics card is capable of. This is the first Dell Studio laptop to feature 1GB of graphics memory. Dell amped up the audio offering as well with a 2.1 JBL speaker system and SRS Premium Sound. Backing up the two 1.5-watt speakers in the palmrest is some serious bass in the base -- think 6-watt subwoofer (sweet!).

A 250GB 7,200 rpm hard drive is standard, and the Studio 17 can even support two. Despite this, the updated design is actually thinner and lighter, which is always welcome in 17-inch systems, and still includes a slot-loading DVD drive. Rounding out the specs is 4GB of RAM, a 2MP webcam, and a 9-cell battery. Starting price: $1,099.

If desktop replacements aren't what you're looking for, the Studio 15 and Studio XPS 16 offer the power of Core i7 in a smaller package. The Studio 15 will have the same 1.6GHz processor but only 512MB of graphics memory for the Radeon HD 4570 card. One hard drive, same size and speed as its larger sibling, and same amount of RAM. The 15.6-inch, 1366x768 WLED display should satisfy media mavens looking to save a few pennies and gain more mobility. This system starts at $999.

Or you can opt for a Core i7 powered Studio XPS 16 and its 1600x900 edge-to-edge WLED display starting at $1,249. A nice blend of the Studio 15's size with the Studio 17's power, the XPS 16 has the same graphics card and memory as the 17 but the same screen size as the 15. You'll also get a 7W audio solution with subwoofer and 9-cell battery.

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