Alienware Too Pricey? Meet Dell's Other Gaming Laptop

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img 5733 (1)TAIPEI, Taiwan -- When you think of Dell gaming PCs, the company's Alienware brand immediately comes to mind. However, those who want a simpler (non sci-fi) aesthetic and mid-range performance will soon have another compelling choice from the Texas-based company: a new 15-inch Inspiron gaming notebook.

At Computex, the company showed off a gaming-centric version of its Inspiron 15 7000 series, complete with strong Nvidia GTX 960 or 970M graphics, quad-core Intel 5th Generation Core i7 processors and full HD screens. A company rep also said a 4K screen would come later.

The notebook comes in two attractive color schemes: red with black accents and black with red accents. The color accent is carried over to all parts of the notebook, even appearing on as a stripe on the angular air vents.

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The most impressive part of the design is is the soft-touch finish that coats the deck. The palm rest felt soft and spongy when I touched it, ideal for long typing or gaming sessions. The keys themselves felt pretty snappy. Surprisingly, the touchpad is buttonless. Though such clickpads are now very common, most gamers still prefer discrete buttons.

Though the gaming-inspired Inspiron 15 will be a new product, Dell has been selling 14-inch Inspiron gaming systems in China for a while now. The company plans to make the 15-inch available all over the world, including in the U.S. However, when it does come to America, it will probably carry a different name than Inspiron 15 7000. Dell reps told us that the 14-inch notebooks have a different name in China as well.

Dell hasn't announced a shipping date or a starting price for the new Inspiron gaming notebooks, but with their mid-range specs, they could be presented as an affordable alternative to Alienware, whose 15-inch notebook starts at $1,199.

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  • John Says:

    Asus G ROG series laptop blow these out the park. MSI Gaming Laptops and Lenova also do too. If you want a gaming laptop with all the bells and whistles go with the above which can be slim and have an attractive design.

    As also mentioned Sager/Clevo/Origin are also good systems but extremely thick in design. Definitely for power hungry laptop gamer needs specifically for desk only.

  • Jay Says:

    it's dell in a few months it will be slow. my cousins alienware was slow at everything and froze repeatedly. top of the line laptop so he was told

  • Mark Says:

    If you want high performance without paying for Alienware, go with a boutique brand like Sager which is based on the platform that Alienware built its reputation with before it's acquisition by Dell.

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