Cortana Can Now Translate 40 Languages on Windows 10

Cortana wants to make sure you'll never be lost in translation again. Microsoft announced that its virtual assistant can now instantly translate words, phrases and even full sentences between 40 languages in Windows 10 in the United States and China.

The translation features work in the search bar and with voice commands, so you can either type in a phrase for Cotrana to translate or speak something like, "Hey Cortana, translate 'where is the nearest taxi stand' in French." If you need to edit, correct or share a translation, you can click the "Open Translator" link to navigate to the translator landing page in Bing.

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This is just another way Microsoft is trying to make Cortana a bigger competitor to Apple's Siri. While Siri is only available on Apple's mobile devices, Cortana can already be used on Windows Phones, Windows PCs and Android, with an iOS version of the service on the way. Earlier in the year, Microsoft integrated Cortana's translation features into Skype to aid real-time translations within chats.

Cortana integration is one of the biggest new features of Windows 10, as it positioned the personal assistant as a link between the user and all of his or her files, programs, apps and search queries.

For a full list of Cortana-ready languages, visit Microsoft's blog.