Chromebook Eve Rumors: What to Expect from Google's New Laptop

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What changes will we see in the next generation of Chromebooks? We're slowly finding out. Chrome Unboxed, a site that crawls through Chrome OS commits for the latest on Google's operating system, was the first to mention Chromebook 'Eve' back in October 2016, the first of Google's notebooks to run on a seventh-generation Intel "Kaby Lake" CPU.

acer chromebook r11 w g05

There are three big rumors from the site. The first is that Eve may have a key or key combination specifically for invoking the Google Assistant. It also may have the ability to wake with a voice command, similar to Google Home.

Code in the Chrome OS repository also suggests that Google plans to deprecate the "OK, Google," functionality. This seems entirely likely if Google Assistant is coming to Chrome OS. 

The third, more perplexing rumor that Chrome Unboxed uncovered is that it can respond to a double tap, similar to the Chromebook Pixel. It's unclear what this will do, but Eve apparently doesn't have a light bar like the Pixel C does. Commits refer to some LEDs, but we don't know what they do.

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Last year, rumors popped up that Eve would also have a fingerprint reader and 2400 x 1600 touchscreen display. Overall, the whole thing sounds more advanced than the current flagships, the Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro.

We'll keep you updated on Eve as we learn more.

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