Checkpoint-Friendly Laptop Bag: It Works

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I just breezed through the American Airlines security checkpoint at JFK International Airport. Why? Well I got to the airport at 7 a.m. and there were relatively few people in line. But I also was toting CODi's CT3 (Checkpoint Tested) C600 laptop bag. Just two days ago the TSA began allowing laptops to remain in bags that met the TSA guidelines. After a careful reading of the guidelines posted on the TSA Web site I was ready to put the CODi CT3 to the test. The $225 CODi CT3 is a butterfly style bag and has a dedicated compartment for a laptop which ensures that a clear x-ray image can be taken. I slid my Lenovo x200 into the laptop compartment placing the end with the battery closest to the bottom of the case. When I approached the conveyer I separated the compartments from each other and laid the bag flat on the belt. No need to reach for the plastic buckets.

I expected the TSA screeners to be unaware of the new policy and to stop me when I placed my bag on the belt. However, the representative watched me unfold the bag and place it on. I assume they were able to see the laptop through the x-ray machine as I wasn't stopped. Great success! When the bag with my Lenovo x200 safely inside it rolled out the other end I grabbed the handle, put on my sandals, and headed for the gate. Time saved? I would say about 2 minutes. Yes! Two extra minutes to sit at the gate and stare at the runway! Perhaps, this education of TSA employees will vary from airport to airport. Let us know in the comments if you have had a similar experience or if you were forced to pry your laptop from your new TSA-friendly bag.
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  • CorporateGifts Says:

    Thanks for posting that. I've been wondering for the last week if TSA officials would stop me with one of these bags. It's a lot of money if it doesn't work. Good to hear most people have had great experiences.

    I just did a blog on these bags as corporate gifts, thought you might like to read some of the options out there-

    As for you, Edward- you should report that. The worst thing that could come of it is an apology. The best thing would be flight vouchers!

  • Edward Vanegas Says:

    I was traveling thru San Antonio, TX at 5am on Monday Sept 20th, the TSA screener ahead of the X-Ray machine saw my TSA firendly laptop bag, a back pack with a butterfly portion for the laptop... I was told to take it out, I gently said that this was the approved TSA friendly bag and used this bag thru JFK , LaGuardia, Dallas, Denver, Las Vegas, etc, I was angrily told that this was San Antonio and " that" bag was not okay. I pulled the Laptop out,, at the other end of the conveyor belt I asked another TSA female agent why San Antonio was different, before she could answer, the initial TSA agent, ( Miguel Fuentes) said that If I did not change my tone he would make sure I did not fly this morning.. I did not complain on site, was afraid i would end up in handcuffs for " interfering with a federal officer"

  • Matthew Olivolo Says:

    Full disclosure: I work for Mobile Edge and we have three Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag styles to choose from. Priced at $99 and backed by a Lifetime Warranty, what is there not to like.

    I personally have tested each case with TSA officials, and are all TSA compliant. I traveled several times with the ScanFast Backpack and honestly, traveling through security was never easier. Luckily I had business cards on me because everyone around me was jealous and wanted one.

    Check out our site at: and click on Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bags.

    Matthew Olivolo
    Mobile Edge

  • Jay Says:

    Skooba is finally taking pre-orders for its Checktrhough bag (, for delivery in 7 or 8 weeks. Wish the wait wasn't so long, but looks the nicest of all the Checkpoint-Friendly bags I've seen so far.

  • Todd Says:

    For all of you who don’t want to rush out and spend $100 or more for one of these MAYBE “checkpoint friendly” bags, take a look at LapStrap.

    For $25 you can use LapStrap with your existing bag or even by itself.

    Whether you are forced to take your laptop out in a security line, or if you just want to quickly carry your laptop to your next meeting or coffee shop, LapStrap allows you to lightly carry your laptop over your shoulder and frees up both hands.

  • Esther Says:

    Just received my case from Will be travelling today and let you know.

  • Arthur Hayes Says:

    I used a CT3 case on a trip recently through 4 airports. At three airports I laid the case on the conveyor belt with no mention of my computer and the case was accepted and scanned without incident. At the fourth I noted that I had a laptop in my case. I was asked to remove it but offered a polite challenge that my case adhered to the new laptop procedures and I was permitted to run the case through without incident. Retrieval on the other side was a simple grab and go. I was on my way before several people before me had gathered their things.

  • YpoCaramel Says:

    That said, taking out the laptop is just an extra piece of cargo you have to look after, along with your carry-on bag, shoes, jackets, wallet... A pain, really. I'm glad the bag worked.

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