Bracketron Unveils MetalDock, Minimalist Charging Dock for iPhone 4/4S

There are times when accessories-makers sacrifice durability for design, or vice versa. But Bracketron's new MetalDock for the iPhone 4 and 4S proves this isn't always the case. Revealed this week at CTIA 2012, the charging dock fuses heavy-duty (but lightweight) metal construction with a pleasingly minimalist design. It's the best of both worlds.

The MetalDock can connect to any USB port to power up and sync your smartphone when it's plugged in. Its attractive L-shape can be used in both portrait and landscape modes, and a rubberized base means your dock can stand securely in place. Our only quibble with the product is how it doesn't seem to include a way to plug in directly to a wall outlet, but any standard iPhone charger will do that anyway.

The Bracketron MetalDock will retail for $34.95 when it becomes available for purchase in June.