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BlackBerry Z10 Users Now Get Free Wi-Fi During Domestic Flights

In a move poised at courting enterprise users, BlackBerry announced that it will offer free Wi-Fi service for domestic Delta Airlines flights.  Powered by Gogo, the Wi-Fi service would only be free for BlackBerry smartphones, while users on other platforms will be subject to standard rates.

“Simply launch your browser at 30,000 feet to enjoy,” BlackBerry writes on its Web page.

It’s clear that BlackBerry has set its sights on targeting travelers, as it also announced that sample units of its flagship Z10 will be showcased in airports around the U.S.

“Discover the new BlackBerry Z10 first-hand—now in airports coast to coast,” the company’s website says.

The exhibit will include a “12-foot interactive wall” with “BlackBerry ambassadors” on deck to flaunt the company’s newly launched device. Dubbed as its “Keep Moving Up” initiative, participating airports include New York’s LaGuardia Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, the Los Angeles International Airport and Seattle’s Sea-Tac International Airport among others.

At the end of March, BlackBerry announced that it had shipped 1 million BlackBerry Z10 units during the fourth quarter of 2012, despite losing 3 million subscribers. However, Citigroup analyst Jim Suva said in a research note to Barron’s that BlackBerry Z10 sales have “dramatically slowed” after an initial “honeymoon,” and carriers are already focusing on promoting other products. Perhaps BlackBerry’s effort to target travelers and business users will give it some ammunition to combat competitors such as Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 when it launches later this spring.

via BlackBerry