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BlackBerry Reportedly Working on Low-Cost R10 Smartphone

BlackBerry fans on a budget may soon have the new BlackBerry 10-powered phone they've been waiting for. According to the site DGtle, which reportedly has leaked photos of the new phone, BlackBerry's first budget-friendly BB10 handset will be the keyboard-enabled R10.

The R10, according to Engadget, will sport a 3.1-inch display similar to the BlackBerry Q10, but will feature a slightly nerfed camera, 5-megapixels versus the Q10's 8-megapixel shooter, a smaller amount of RAM and less onboard storage. A smaller battery is also rumored for the handset.

From the looks of the allegedly leaked photos, the R10 will also sport a more stripped down chassis than the Q10. Gone are the end-to-end keyboard frets found on the Q10, The R10 also seems to have a slightly smaller chassis than the Q10, making its edges rounder than its top-of-the-line brand mate. 

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Despite the reported addition of the R10 to BlackBerry's growing stable BB10 devices, sales numbers for both devices have been mixed across the board. So what does the rumored R10 mean for BlackBerry? For one thing, it would help to ensure that event those users on a budget will have access to a BB10 device, a market segment that's woefully underserved by Z10 and Q10, both of which are premium handsets.

So if it's indeed real, when could we expect to see the R10? BlackBerry is having its BlackBerry Live event in two weeks, but it may be too soon after the launch of the Z10 and Q10 to unveil the R10. 

via: DGtle, Engadget