Best Webcam Covers to Safeguard Your Privacy

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Webcams can be handy tools for improving your productivity and generally making it easier for you to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. Sitting on the inside of your laptop or monitor right above your screen, they're ideally placed so you don't need to do much to snap a picture of yourself or start streaming video to others.


But there's also a problem with webcams. 

In a world where security is paramount and privacy is increasingly difficult to preserve, malicious hackers can break into computers and spy on you through your webcam. They can snap pictures or record video of you or just look to see what you're up to at any given moment. And the worst part is, you'll never even know they're doing it. 

Many who are concerned about their privacy have turned to webcam covers. The simple, relatively cheap devices attach to the top of your screen to cover your webcam. In many cases, they even come with a slider, so you can quickly view your webcam without needing to remove the entire cover.

Based on our research, these are the best webcam covers for you to consider:

EscapePanda Universal Webcam Cover

The EscapePanda Universal Webcam Cover is a universal cover that can work on everything from your laptop to your desktop to your iPhone. It clips on to your device and covers the front-facing camera with, well, a panda face. You can then slide the panda face to the side when you want to use your webcam.

Credit: EscapePanda

Trobing Webcam Cover

If you're not into graphical covers and want something simple, consider the Trobing Webcam Cover. It's a universal cover that can attach to computers, tablets and even your Amazon Echo Show. And at 0.03 inches thick, it shouldn't be too bulky during use. It has a ribbed area to help you easily slide the protector on and off your webcam and attaches to your device with an adhesive.

Credit: Trobing

Cimkiz Webcam Cover

While many webcam covers are made from plastic, the Cimkiz Webcam Cover tries to differentiate itself by being made from metal. It has a sliding function to cover the webcam and, thanks to an adhesive on the back, you can attach it to just about any device, including an iPhone or a monitor, to cover your webcam. It's also thinner than a credit card, meaning it won't be bulky if you attach it to a smartphone.

Credit: Cimkiz

Eysoft Webcam Cover

If you want the simplest webcam cover you can find, opting for the Eysoft Webcam Cover might be a good idea. It has a black finish and a slider design, so you can easily cover your webcam. And since it has an adhesive, you can attach it to just about any device. Be aware, however, that at 0.07 inches thick, it's slightly thicker than some of the other options in this roundup.

Credit: Eysoft 

Mosench Webcam Cover Ultra Slim

The Mosench Webcam Cover Ultra Slim is all about adding color into your life. And with a four-pack that offers a black, silver, pink or blue finish, you should have more than enough choices for any design aesthetic. The cover attaches to any device with an adhesive and has a switch on the front that pushes the cover over your webcam. It's one of the more attractive options available.

Credit: Mosench

Supcase Webcam Cover

Tired of the same old webcam cover design? The Supcase Webcam Cover might be a good place to start. The cover comes with a black design and attaches to everything from your iPhone to your desktop monitor. It has a slide feature like the others, but a more rectangular design that's quite attractive. And at 0.5mm thick, it's nicely thin.

Credit: Supcase 

TechPrivacy Webcam Privacy Cover

TechPrivacy's Webcam Privacy Cover is about as straightforward as it gets. But that's not a bad thing. The device is a simple cover that comes with a slider for you to quickly cover or reveal the webcam. It works with any device, thanks to an adhesive back, and at 0.28 inches thick, it's nice and thin. TechPrivacy's cover is available in a three-pack.

Credit: TechPrivacy

Colampra Webcam Cover

Colampra's Webcam Cover is decidedly different than others in this roundup. That's because it ditches the sliding function and replaces it with a simple cover that you can place atop the webcam. When you want to use the webcam, simply take the cover off your camera. According to Colampra, the cover can be attached 300,000 times before it needs to be replaced. The price includes six units.

Credit: Colampra

Targus Spy Guard Webcam Cover

The Targus Spy Guard Webcam Cover has one of the best designs in this roundup with a slide function that looks more attractive than most. It comes with a black design and an area in the middle that lets you slide the cover away from the webcam. It's designed for most devices, but given its size, when you reveal your webcam, it's probably best for a laptop or monitor instead of a smartphone. It comes in a three-pack.

Credit: Targus

Credit: Trobing