The 5 Best Lenovo ThinkPad Accessories to Buy Now

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Lenovo's ThinkPad notebooks are some of the best business laptops, thanks to their incredibly comfortable keyboards, sleek and sturdy designs, and fast overall performance. But to truly get the most out of these productivity machines, you'll want to snag a few add-ons.


Here are five essential Lenovo ThinkPad accessories that are tailor-made to enhance your productivity.

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Lenovo L23i-18 Monitor

Having a second screen is a must for anyone looking to get serious work done, and Lenovo offers a pretty snazzy productivity monitor of its own. The Think Vision L23i-18 23-inch desktop monitor packs a gorgeous, 1080p display with barely visible bezels, a 4-millisecond response time for working without lag, and a 72% sRGB color gamut for rich, accurate colors. Plus, with VGA and HDMI ports, it'll connect to just about any ThinkPad.

Lenovo ThinkPad Bluetooth Laser Mouse

Lenovo's ThinkPads pack great touchpads and pointing sticks, but you're better off picking up a dedicated mouse if you're going to be working for hours at a time. Lenovo's ThinkPad Bluetooth laser mouse is a popular and inexpensive option, with a comfy, soft-touch finish that mimics Lenovo's own laptop and an ergonomic design built to suit both left-handed and right-handed users. The wireless mouse's tilt wheel allows for four-way scrolling, while its built-in power management system automatically switches to low-power mode during inactivity to save battery power.

Lenovo USB-C Power Bank

ThinkPads have some of the best battery life out there, but you still might find yourself running low on juice if you're working on the road all day. Lenovo's 14,000-mAh laptop power bank will keep you going strong, charging most laptops in under 2 hours while also being able to juice up your phone or other USB devices. And at just 10 ounces, this charger will fit in your laptop bag without issue.

Lenovo ThinkPad 14-Inch Sleeve

Lenovo's ThinkPad 14-inch Sleeve fits any 14-inch ThinkPad while maintaining an appropriately understated design you can carry into a meeting with confidence. With padded handles and a lightweight fabric design, this case is meant to protect your PC from scratches, dust and shocks while also fitting easily into a backpack or briefcase. Lenovo also sells this sleeve in a 12-inch variety.

ThinkPad In-Ear Headphones

Whether you're dialing into a conference call or watching an important presentation, you'll need a solid pair of headphones for your ThinkPad. Lenovo's own binaural wired headphones will do the trick without breaking the bank, with noise-isolating earbuds for busy environments and an in-line microphone that's perfect for checking into remote meetings.

Credit: Lenovo

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