5 Essential Dell Latitude Accessories

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Whether you're buying a Dell Latitude for yourself or for an entire workforce, your purchase isn't complete without the right accessories. Monitors, keyboards and docking stations are just a few of the key accessories that help to maximize productivity.


Fortunately, Dell offers everything you could possibly need on its website. Here are the top five must-have accessories required to get the most out of your Latitude laptop.

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Dell SE2419H Monitor

Nothing improves productivity like a secondary monitor, and the Dell SE2419H is an excellent choice, especially for those on a tight budget. For around $140, you get a 24-inch IPS display with a 1080p resolution. With those specs, you'll have ample space to operate multiple programs simultaneously by using the Windows 10 split-screen function. Text will look crisp while you write reports and videos will burst with vivid colors when you take a well-deserved break. On the rear of the SE2419H are HDMI and VGA ports so that you can connect the monitor to your Latitude laptop or Dell docking station.

Dell Wireless Mouse MW326

We haven't run into any problems with the touchpads or pointing sticks on Dell's Latitude laptops; however, not even the best touchpads can't compete with a good wireless mouse. Dell's WM326 is a prime choice, not only because of its ambidextrous design, but also because wireless connectivity will save you valuable desk space. And with up to 18 months of battery life, you can say goodbye to cords – without having to stock up on extra batteries. Best of all, the MW326 has 1600 dpi laser tracking, so it will work on virtually any surface, including those tiny airplane trays.

Dell Power Bank Plus (18,000 mAh)

Most people have to stop working when their laptop powers down; it's crucial that you always keep your notebook charged, especially when traveling or at a business function. With the Dell Power Bank Plus, you'll never have to worry about running low on juice again. This massive, 18,000 mAh battery has two USB charging ports so that you can simultaneously charge your Latitude laptop and smartphone. The amount of charge you get from this surprisingly slim and lightweight power bank will depend on which laptop you're powering, but you can expect to gain a few extra hours of battery life when connected to the Power Bank Plus.

Dell Docking Station D3100

The last thing you want to do when you arrive at work is to waste time fiddling with cables. The solution to that problem is a docking station, which lets you connect your Latitude laptop to multiple external devices. Dell's Docking Station D3100 supports one 4K display along with two additional 1080p monitors in case you need four displays to work on. On the front of the sleek unit are three USB-A ports, so you can simultaneously connect a keyboard, mouse and smartphone. The rear houses an Ethernet port that supports Gigabit Ethernet for superfast Wi-Fi speeds, and a headphone jack for connecting headphones and desktop speakers.

Dell Professional Sleeve (G39J5)

If you own a business laptop, you should also own a laptop sleeve. The plush interior of the Dell Professional Sleeve will defend your laptop against bumps, scrapes and even drops, protecting the important data you have saved on your Latitude's hard drive. The stylish, heather-gray sleeve is even water resistant, so your laptop will stay safe in bad weather. With its understated design and adjustable shoulder straps, you'll be walking into your next office meeting looking and feeling good. Dell sells the Professional Sleeve in 13-inch, 14-inch and 15-inch versions.

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