The Asus Laptops Being Upgraded to Kaby Lake in 2017

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At CES 2017,  Asus announced that it is updating its line of laptops, including 2-in-1s and regular notebooks. The new lineup includes an array of budget options, models with discrete graphics cards and a variety of high-resolution screen options.

 Check out the first batch of Asus' Kaby Lake laptops launching this year:

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  • edit1754 Says:

    Nice to have these specs finally confirmed!

    Just a heads up to buyers: ASUS used RG/BW Pentile screens in these laptops last year, meaning not truly 3200x1800 or 3840x2160. It is unknown but likely that they are doing the same thing this year.

    They give you all the downsides of a high resolution display (potential scaling issues, potential worse battery life) without all the benefits (picture less sharp, details can appear fuzzy, diagonal screen door effect can be present).

    My personal recommendation is to wait for reviews of these before purchasing in order to confirm the subpixel matrix, and to consider purchasing different models from another manufacturer unless ASUS has started using true high-resolution displays this time. Many manufacturers/models have moved on to true high resolution displays.

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