ASUS Introduces Sustainable U Series Notebooks Made With Bamboo

ASUS touted its greenness at their press conference today as they unveiled the U53 Bamboo notebook. Inspired by nature and designed to have less impact on the environment, the U53's combination of bamboo and aluminum is both sustainable and also beautiful.  Bamboo is one of the most recyclable and fast-growing plants on the planet, so this notebook starts out green. Battery and energy-saving utilities are included, such as ASUS' standard Super Hybrid Engine for over and under-clocking and auto-switching between longer life and high performance modes, so you'll be able to keep energy usage low.

The U series will utilize Intel's Core i5 CPU and also includes superfast USB 3.0 ports. The bamboo and aluminum not only look sleek together -- ASUS promises that they'll draw heat away from the user, keeping this notebook as cool as it is cool-looking. This notebook is meant to appeal to trendy eco-conscious road warriors who crave power as much as they appreciate responsibility.

The U series will come in just two sizes for now -- 14 and 15 inches -- but others may be possible in the future. The notebooks start at $999.