ASUS G73jh Gaming Notebook Keeps Things Cool With Stealth-Bomber Aesthetics

Today at CES ASUS unveiled a new gaming notebook with a design inspired by the stealth fighter that evolved from designs that put ergonomics and heat management at the forefront. The keyboard has a subtle 5 degree slope for more comfortable use, backlit keys, and the notebook employs a dual-fan cooling system to keep the keyboard and palm rest comfortable. The matte soft-touch surfaces will keep fingerprints at bay and the fighter plane-inspired angles complete the look.

The key words for this notebook are Power and Immersion. Users will get a speedy system from the Core i7 CPU and up to 8GN of RAM, you'll also have a powerful GPU backing it up: an ATI Radeon HD5870 GPU with 1GB of video memory to compliment the 17.3-inch full HD backlit 1920 x 1080 resolution display. The first DirectX 11 compatible gaming notebook, ASUS promises speedy, powerful graphics enhanced by 8-channel HD audio. The dual Altec Lansing speakers are backed up by a sub-woofer for powerful, immersive sound.

With a Core i7 CPU heat is a concern, but ASUS designed a special dual-fan cooling system for the G73jh that draws cool air across the surface of the notebook and exhusts the hot air away from the user out of the back of the machine. Not only will it keep heat away from the keys and plam rest but also peripherals plugged into the notebook. ASUS also claims that this system is quiet, so the fans won't interfere with the real jet engines in your game.

Other specs include 1TB, 7200rpm hard drive capacity (dual 500GB HD with RAID 0/1 support), Blu-ray drive, 802.11 b/g/n wireless, Bluetooth v2.1, and an 8-cell battery. It will run on Windows 7 Home Premium. The ASUS G73jh starts at $1,699.

the first DirectX 11 compatible gaming notebook