Apps That Work With The Entourage Edge

When you read our review of the Entourage Edge earlier (you did read it, right? Of course you did) you may have noticed a few extra app icons on the homescreen that don't appear in the official shots. The majority of those apps I added myself -- click here to see how -- and it's been an interesting journey to see which of my favorite apps work on a 10-inch screen. Here's a list of the 6 best apps I've successfully installed and used so far:

  1. Dolphin Browser -- Yep, our favorite browser does just fine on the Edge, though the multitouch thing doesn't work.
  2. Facebook -- This looks so much better on a netbook-sized screen.
  3. Twidroid -- Same here. I don't even bother going to the website, anymore.
  4. NewsRob -- This is my favorite RSS reading app and it scales perfectly for the Edge.
  5. Shazam -- Scales well and utilizes the Edge's excellent internal mic to identify music.
  6. Ultimate Stopwatch -- I don't have as much use for this on the Edge as I do on my Droid, but it's a favorite so I installed. Works perfectly and scales well enough.

The following apps installed and sort of work, but with caveats.

  1. SugarSync -- This app scales all right, and I was able to download documents from the cloud-based storage., However, I couldn't get the app to upload nor would it stream music as it does on my Droid. Still, it's useful for pulling docs I need.
  2. GDocs Notepad -- This app syncs with Google Docs as it should, but the window itself does not scale. So it ends up in a little 3.5-inch box at the top of the screen. Still, it does work.
  3. Mobile -- Same problem here: works just fine, but doesn't scale to fit the screen.
  4. eBuddy -- Once more with feeling: no scaling.

The list above represents about 75% of the apps I've attempted to install and use on the Edge so far. There were some that just wouldn't install at all and others that refused to work. Here's hoping that more app developers put out scalable versions that work on tablets in the near future.

Any Edge owners out there experimenting with apps? Which ones have you tried and liked?