Android Cup Game 6: Motorola Cliq vs. Droid Eris

In close (but light) voting--not unlike a midterm election--the Motorola Devour beat out the MyTouch 3G. Today's game features another Motorola phone, the Cliq, vs. the Droid Eris. Read on to brush up on both phones' merits, and to cast your vote.

The third T-Mobile Android phone, the Cliq represented the best that the carrier had to offer when we reviewed it in October. The Cliq (unlike the Cliq XT that followed) has a slide-out keyboard that we found to be very comfortable and offered good tactile feedback.The Cliq doesn't have the largest screen, but the 3.1-inch, 480 x 320-pixel capacitive touchscreen display was plenty bright and responsive. The 5-megapixel camera on the back produces good photos in well lit conditions, and can take YouTube-worthy video. Finally, the Cliq has the Motoblur interface,which, in addition to integrating numerous social networks, backs up your phone's data online, which is a nice insurance policy in case your phone goes missing.

Against this is the Droid Eris, which we felt was the best sub-$100 smartphone on Verizon Wireless when it debuted in November. The Eris features HTC's Sense interface, which not only adds two more home screens to the Android interface, but also integrates Facebook and Twitter well.

The Eris has a 3.2-inch multitouch display with a resolution of 480 x 320 pixels. It lacks a physical keyboard, but we found the soft keyboard generally worked well. Other hardware includes a 528-MHZ Qualcomm MSM7600 processor with 512MB of ROM and 288MB of RAM; EV-DO Rev. A; and 801.11b/g Wi-Fi

So, which phone do you think is better?

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