Alienware’s Vindicator Bags Take Gaming Gear on the Go

Laptop bags are generally a dime a dozen. But when it comes to fitting a full 17-inch gaming rig, mouse, keyboard and headset, a good bag is hard to find. That’s where Alienware’s line of Vindicator bags comes in. With big padded bags starting at just $55 across a range of styles, there’s sure to be one that fits your needs.

For people with 17-inch desktop replacements, there are four main contenders: the $55 Vindicator Slim Case, the $60 Vindicator Messenger Bag, the $80 Vindicator Messenger Backpack, and the $100 Vindicator Briefcase.

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Some, like the briefcase and the backpack, have room for extra goodies, but aside from the super sleek slim case, they all have more than enough to room to hold your gaming essentials. The bags have nice touches like big chunky buckles and high-strength zippers with reinforced stitching, as well as thoughtful design elements such as built-in headset straps and removable accessory pouches.

I especially like the metal rings on the briefcase’s strap, because when you’re carrying around 20 to 25 pounds of gaming gear, the last thing you need is for the something to break and send all your hardware plummeting toward the ground.

After getting a chance to go hands-on with these bags, my favorite is probably the messenger bag. At $60, it’s the least expensive full-size bag. The big clip on the side makes it easy to adjust the strap, and its padded back means both your equipment and your back are protected from the inevitable bump and grind.

But all of the messenger bags different pockets may be the best feature of all. There's a big padded section with a dedicated strap to hold down your laptop, and no less than six zippered pockets for holding random wires and thumb drives. There's even an adjustable velcro divider to accomodate smaller laptops, and a mesh lining to help keep everything nice and cool.

I also appreciate the inclusion of weather-resistant material on the messenger bag’s flap, so you don’t have to worry about rain ruining your rig.

While some people might not be fans of Alienware's dinstinctive outerspace aethestics, if you’re looking for something to help carry your game outside the house, Alienware’s line of Vindicator bags are tough but affordable options made to carry all the gear you need.