Alienware 13 Gets Gorgeous OLED Screen for Gaming

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LAS VEGAS — The display on a gaming laptop is important for immersion while playing, and the Alienware 13's new OLED screen is one of the most beautiful we've seen. Available this spring for $1,449, this laptop isn't cheap, but based on our hands-on time here at CES 2016 this panel should be worth every penny.

We watched a demo of Ultra Street Fighter IV on the OLED display, and it looked absolutely gorgeous. Phones like the Samsung Galaxy S6 have shown us how beautifully OLED screens can reproduce images, and gaming will clearly put it to good use. The inky blacks that highlight the game's graphical styling were clear and crisp — Ryu's muscles seemed to bulge even more than usual — and environments were sharp and vibrant. Alienware is promising a 1 ms response time.

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The OLED Alienware 13 will also come in a new red color in addition to the existing black. It's a real hot-rod red that popped in Dell's dark booth at CES, especially sitting while next to a black model. Even the vents and speakers on the bottom of the system were the same color.

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Besides the OLED display, Dell tells us that the Alienware 13 will retain the same specs it currently has. That includes a range of processors up to the Intel Core i7-6500U with 16GB of RAM and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M graphics card with 4GB of VRAM at the high end.

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We can't wait to get an OLED unit in for review (and to play lots of games on the display) when it releases.


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