How to adjust ClearType for better looking fonts on Windows 10

ClearType is an integrated Windows-specific technology, an adjustment tool, that helps to improve the readability of text on an LCD screen.

Whether you are using a laptop, or two LCD or LED monitors, you can use the tool whenever you start to notice pixelated or jagged-looking text. This is often all it takes to fix the problem.

How to adjust ClearType for better looking fonts on Windows 10

1. Click the Windows 10 Start button, to open the Search box. In some configurations, the Cortana search field will be visible by default.

2. In the Search field, type Adjust ClearType text.

3. Under the Best Match option, click Adjust ClearType text.

4. Click the check box next to Turn on ClearType. If the box is already checked, leave it on.

5. Click Next to see additional options.

6. Click Yes, I want to tune all monitors now. This will tune all of your monitors at once. If you don’t have multiple monitors, you can skip this part.

7. If you have multiple monitors, you’ll see a screen that checks the native resolution. Click Next when it is finished.

8. The ClearType adjustment tool will now walk you through some text samples. Click the samples that look best to you.

9. Click Next when you’re done.

10. Repeat the process, selecting the best-looking option. You’re done when you’ve reached the screen that says You have finished tuning the text on your monitors’ screen.

11. Click Finish to apply the changes.