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5 Pinterest Tips for Beginners

Just got your Pinterest invite and don't know where you should start? Take a look at these 5 Pinterest tips for beginners.  This is the second of the three-part series dedicated to change you from a novice Pinterest user to the Pinterest ninja that others are going to envy. 

Update Your Pinterest Profile

Pinterest personal profiles have been redesigned and now sport a more streamlined look, reminiscent of Facebook Timeline. Broken into section tabs (Boards, Pins, Likes, Activity, Followers and Following), users can quickly access desired information. In addition, a number of Web browser extensions have been created to speed up the pinning process.

  • Mouse over the small box next to the Edit Profile box beneath your profile picture to cue a Rearrange Boards message.
  • Click on the box to begin rearranging boards (the box will turn red with a white check mark).
  • Left-click the board you wish to reposition and drag the board into its new location. 
  • Click the red box with the white check mark to save your changes.

Add a Pin It Button to Your Browser

While creating new boards and pins is fun, it can also be time-consuming. But Pinterest has added a number of methods to make pinning quick and convenient in both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

  • Go to the Settings menu in your Web browser and enable the Show Bookmarks Bar option (CTRL + Shift + B in Chrome).
  • Mouse over the About tab in the top navigation bar on Pinterest and click Help.
  • Click the Goodies tab along the left side of the page. Finally, drag the Pin It button up to the Bookmarks Bar.

Use Hashtags

Similar to Twitter, Pinterest allows users to add hashtags to their pins’ descriptions, making them easier to find during a search. When adding hashtags, make sure they cover a broad enough topic to reach as many people as possible.

Pinning Photos in Mobile App and Add a Location

Unlike the desktop version of Pinterest, mobile Pinterest users can only post photos or screenshots taken with the iPhone to their boards. However, mobile pinners can add their location to the pin and have the ability to retouch photos.

After you’ve snapped the perfect shot in Pinterest, click the Use button. Doing this will open a new window with fields for Description, Board and Place. Click the Place slider to turn on location.