13 New Shortcut Keys in Windows 8

Windows 8's new Metro UI might be all touch friendly but if you don't have a touch screen then you might want to utilize the new hot keys / shortcuts that have been added for those of us with physical keyboards. These may not seem like much, but trust me, once you get used to using them, they'll make navigating Windows 8 much faster.

1. Windows Key + Tab = Opens the App list to the left, tapping tab again lets you switch through the list.

2. Windows Key + C = Opens the "Charms" menu to the right, where shortcuts like Search and Settings are.

3. Windows Key + I = Opens Settings.

4. Windows Key + T = Cycle through screenshots of open apps.

5. Windows Key = Takes you to the Metro Start menu.

6. Windows Key + Space bar = Switches the input language.

7. Windows Key + , = Show desktop temporarily.

8. Windows Key + Shift + . = Docks current app to left, right, or center of screen.

9. Windows Key + M = Takes you back to Desktop.

10. Windows Key + Q = Opens up Search in Metro.

11. Windows Key + Enter = Opens Narrator, a program that reads text for you and shows you tips.

12. Windows Key + Page Up = Moves open app or start screen to a connected monitor to the left.

13. Windows Key + Page Down = Moves open app or start screen to a connected monitor to the right.

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