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25 Most Influential People in Mobile Technology

Counting down the biggest movers and shakers in mobility.


25-Influential-People-JLJ25_sh#24 Most Influential Person in Mobile Technology

Matt Zimmerman

Positions: CTO, Canonical; chairman, Ubuntu Technical Board
Age: 29
Location: London

Ubuntu is likely the best hope for seeing Linux break into the PC mainstream; there’s a reason Dell offers it as an OS option on a number of its notebooks. Focused on ease of use and frequent updates, Ubuntu is winning over many new users. This is thanks in no small part to Zimmerman, who as chairman of the Ubuntu Technical Board is responsible for the engineering and technological innovation that goes into Ubuntu as well as for determining where Canonical (Ubuntu’s commercial sponsor) will focus development resources. A primary goal for the next release: seamless and pervasive Internet access on the go.

Did You Know: Zimmerman is an alumnus of the Computer Science House (a sort of high-tech fraternity) at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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