Smartphone Madness 2014: BlackBerry Z30 vs. YotaPhone

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The final dance is so close, both of today's competitors can taste it. Now the question is whether BlackBerry Z30 fans want it more than the YotaPhone fans. Both camps will have between now and 4/8 at 9 a.m. EST to pick a side. But before you make your pick, let's look back at how we got here. 

BlackBerry fans have always been a loyal and dedicated group. That has born itself out once again this year as we watched the bold new Z30 take down the Google Nexus 5 and the Motorola X with supposed ease. On our review, we praised this silvery handset for its good battery life, excellent touchscreen keyboard and great multitasking capability. 


MORE: 10 Biggest BlackBerry 10 Annoyances

For a phone that U.S. consumers still don't have in their hands, we were impressed by the fan base for the YotaPhone thus far. But with the innovated rear-facing E Ink touchscreen combining with the front-facing color screen, this phone offers a lot to get excited about. Sure it's got Android inside and will sport a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor with 2GB of RAM, but that E Ink screen would hint at some pretty incredible battery endurance. 

So will you choose the new kid on the block or the veteran worker? It's time to decide, or at least some time between now and 4/8 at 9 a.m. EST. Cast your vote and spread the word to see who ends up in the championship round. 

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  • sally Says:

    BlackBerry 10 is amazing
    BlackBerry Z30 is the one I want it,still save my money to buy this phone.the big screen make me love it more,The os getting better.and I had more fun to play with it.
    I love BlackBerry :)

  • ph03n1x Says:

    why did this poll end early?

  • Bastakiatavich Says:

    @Philippe additional software ~ as in Apps, which are all 3rd party which run the risk of malware. BB has the functionality built in by BB. Does not take additional memory to perform an extremely basic function such as a native file manager.

  • iphonedood Says:

    This is stupid. A laptop website doing cellphone reviews? Doesn't that tell you in the first place what kind of stupid site you're on? Like do you go to an Auto review website to get the latest talk on what fruits and vegetables to buy? All of this voting just tells me there are a few thousand stupid people around.

  • hsat Says:

    Voting is rigged

  • Rigged Voting Says:

    The votes are rigged for Yotaphone. I don't trust this magazine.

  • Tom Faked Name Says:

    The poll is rigged! If u vote for BB10 Android gets the vote! Thanks for rigging votes!

  • svlt Says:

    It's not that easy to replicate the messaging functionality of the BB Hub or the fluidity and ease of use of the swipe gesture-based OS. Swype is a paid, and very laggy if on an older device, app while the native BB10 keyboard is just as good, is free and fully integrated to the device.

    That said, even with 10.2.1 not all Android apps are available, only the majority (80-90% will work). You lose out on anything using Google Play services i.e. Google Drive, Hangouts, etc. Also, most flagship Android phones are pretty high specced with some decent features that the Z30 may lag behind.

    So there are pros and cons to whatever you select. Just tired of hearing "apps" as one of them with most of them now being available.

    More relevant to this discussion, neither of these phones have any business being in the finals... IMO it should have been the One M8 vs the LG G Pro 2. The Z30 would be in my top 5 phones list, but it wouldn't touch #1 or #2 right now. Too many great newcomers this year. The YotaPhone is a cool idea and innovative, but there's too much left to prove against the giants. We know what we're getting with the Z30 but it's not enough to be in the top 2. Such is life with a voting-based contest

  • John Says:


    BlackBerry can run Android apps in addition to its own apps. No other OS can run BlackBerry apps, so that's something you cannot replicate via software.
    Also, you should really try the BlackBerry 10 phones. Not just for a minute or two. Try it for a couple of days and you'll see why it has features that the other OS's cannot replicate without a direct patent infringement. You'll be quite surprised how fluid it is and with the HUB, BBM, and sharing integration through out makes it very powerful.

  • Jasmine Says:


    You can't replicate an os that was built around security with "software" updates. Blackberry was also the first to use paratech antenna in the z30. The ink thing is not that cool, why not just get a smart watch.

  • Philippe Says:

    Ok, well all i am saying that Blackberry, while it is unquestionably a good phone, offers nothing that cannot be replicated in other phones via additional software

  • Aaron Fryer Says:

    It's funny seeing people fight over a phone, fanboys of all sides seem like a cult and spew nonsense about being"the best mobile os". It is a phone for goodness sake /rant

    I love the novel idea of the yotaphone and surely deserves more votes for an interesting take on using a combination of e-ink and an lcd.

  • Shinrai Says:

    In fact it plays 80-90% of Android apps just fine via the integrated Android runtime. There's also no need to sideload them anymore as BB10 installs apk files since 10.2.1.

    And let's face it, most of the apps on Android and iOS are nonsensical - either they are cheap games, various prank apps and other rubbish. I rather have quality over quantity. The number of apps is no grounds for competition.

  • Philippe Says:

    I do not see how unique OS of blackberry is a bonus in this case. It lacks all the apps android users have.

    YotaPhone provides something no other cellphone do. The new version is coming out later this year, which will add touch control to e-ink display.

  • Zoltan Szabo Says:

    Most of that 10 Biggest BlackBerry 10 Annoyances are fixed in the newer OS updates.

  • ATInsider Says:

    For some reason many people refuse to try out BB10, and instead blindly miss-lead people by telling them, it's basically a "Very" minor BB7 OS upgrade.
    People that spread this nonsense and lies obviously have a hidden agenda.

    Here's the truth of the matter. Android and especially iOS don't stand a chance nor have a competitive platform to go up against BB10.
    Here's why...

    BlackBerry 10 has also been regarded as one of the most Intellectual, Instinctive, Elegant, Fluid, Advanced, Multitasking & Multimedia Mobile Operating System ever created in the World to date.

  • Shinrai Says:

    I agree about the "10 Biggest BlackBerry 10 Annoyances".

    A very biased link when you're doing an apparently unbiased poll.
    Also, literally EVERY SINGLE ONE of these "annoyances" is long since fixed so this link is not only an insolence, it is also outdated. The OS was hardly 3 months old when you reviewed it, give it some time to mature if you want it to stand up to the big and established ones.

    Typical unfounded BlackBerry bashing.

  • duantox Says:

    Very, very, very stupid bb10 annoyances (fixed with 10.2.1 updates) link... do you want BlackBerry Z30 does not win the poll or what? #BBEliteWin

  • BriniaSona Says:

    BlackBerry's new OS can hardly be called Veteren. It's COMPLETELY new and nothing about the old Java based OS lives on. Also, the "MORE: 10 Biggest BlackBerry 10 Annoyances" Is rather silly because people look at it and will be all like, "oh blackberry sucks"

    In my opinion, while the Yota Phone and it's e-ink is a nice concept, the BlackBerry one is the more usable.

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