Smartphone Madness 2013: BlackBerry Z10 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note II

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Your March Madness bracket is probably as broken as ours is by now. But the Smartphone Madness excitement continues with today's matchup between the BlackBerry Z10 and the Samsung Galaxy Note II. It's an epic battle between BlackBerry 10 and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, and who wins is up to you. The winner of this face-off will join the HTC One in the Penultimate 4. Before you cast your vote, let us refresh your memory as to the competitors. 

BlackBerry Z10 vs. Samsung Galaxy Note IIBlackBerry 10 has made a fairly big splash this year, and the company's first and flagship BlackBerry 10 phone is part of that frenzy. The Z10 will be available on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless for around $199, and was first made available on AT&T. During our review of the unlocked version, we praised it for its slick interface that's built for multitasking and superior touchscreen keyboard that learns as you type. Other special features such as BlackBerry Hub, Voice Command and BBM support might be of use during this battle. But the Galaxy Note II has a few special features of its own. 

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The 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note II phablet took down the even-bigger Huawei Ascend P2 in Game 6 of this competition. Samsung's Android-powered monster is available on all four major carriers at various price points, and you can pick it up as an unlocked phone. We think the big screen's sharp details and bright colors, and the device's epic battery life work in this phone's favor. And the blisteringly-fast 4G LTE speeds and included stylus don't hurt it either. But will its fans show up to support it? 

We'll find out soon enough, as now is the time to vote in today's competition. The polls will remain open until Wednesday, March 27th at 9:00 a.m. 

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  • Hasan. Says:

    In my opinion BlackBerry is very different from Samsung. So, BlackBerry all the way!

  • tkrug Says:

    I had Samsung S3 and switched to the new BlackBerry Z10; because there was so much raving about it. And since I switched to it; it has been nothing but a nightmare for me and I hope the place I picked it up at will allow me to switch & upgrade to the Note 2.
    The blackberry has a lot of nice features but it has cost me a lot of headache as well as legal problems. So I am hoping to be able to switch. - Signed TK

  • HackSlash Says:

    I'm a hardcore iPhone user but after switching to Z10 I will never go back.. my wife has a Note 2 and it sucks. The thing is HUGE my phone in 1991was smaller and I had to carry a backpack to lug that thing around. Sorry but if I wanted to hold something that big to my face I would choose a tablet LOL. Go BlackBerry! Welcome back!

  • Danger Says:

    Hey there!

    In what end of this world is any samsung better than a toaster!
    Expensive, even if they use the cheapest material.
    and UNSECURE!!
    I voted for BlackBerry, not that i´m working for them, just because they build the most secure phones on the market.
    The Z10 is one hell of a smartphone, the HUB is brilliant, and they don´t have to use a hexacore-whatever processor to make the phone work.
    Sorry guy´s but BB10 ist the best system on the market, at least you use your phone for serious BIZ.

  • wase4711 Says:

    REALLY, the Z10 is a better phone than the Note 2?
    How much did you have to pay folks to vote for that thing; obviously, anyone who says the z10 is better than a note2 has either never touched the note 2, or is a Blackberry Employee, trying to save their jobs...

    The z10 is the best BB ever, but it still can't compare to some of the lower level Samsung phones, let alone the king of them all, the Note 2..

    Pathetic attemp to draw readers to this obviously un-informed website...

  • Keith Says:

    Note II is too niche. Z10 more of an everyday phone, a valid iPhone5 competitor with a great OS and UI but weak app support. I would go for a number of phones over the massive pocket-bulging Note series, and the Z10 is definitely one of them.

  • Israel Says:

    In what universe is the Z10 better than the Note2????? Wooow ! Are you people for real?? I guess every single BB employee was forced to vote for that thing! Otherwise I don't see how the Z10 could be winning! Note 2 is the best phone out there hands down.

  • NickT Says:

    I have a Note 2 and love it! Best device I've ever owned. Ive had iphone, htc rezound, blackberries, etc. The only negative would be screen a little less bright compared to other smartphones. Thats a minor complaint. On the plus side. The speed, screen size and battery life are amazing. The camera takes great pics amd as long as you play with settings will get great pics in all environments. Ive never had issues with lock buttons and find it irrelevent that the button is on top or side. You also get multiwindow which i use all the time and really takes advantage of the large screen. I just went and played with the z10 and find it feels like a cheap iphone 5. Not alot of innovation in design. Really this side by side vote is lame. The Note 2 is by far the winner.

  • Jo Says:

    Why would you seed the two of the most advanced phones on the market in the same division?
    ie. Lumia 920 and GalaxyS4

    Not sure where iPhones are supposed to factor in, so either...
    So the entire value basis for this contest is rather dubious

    Various BlackBerry forums/sites are promoting the hell out of this page, so your results are skewed even further by the notoriously rabid BB fans...But I guess it's all about ad impressions for you folks anyhow.
    So much for getting an actual value/merit based result here....Pfft


  • khanie Says:

    Z10 rocks

  • eldrover Says:


  • Cozz Says:

    I actually had the Note 2. Horrible. No one will tell you about the dim screen. So bad out in the sun that they made an app to bring up the brightness. Has to be rooted for it. The ringer speaker sound is half of a Blackberry and they put it under the phone (real smart.) But the biggest annoyance has to be he side lock button. Out of all the things Samsung copies, wouldn't it make sense to copy the lock button from BlackBerry and Iphone? It's on top for a reason!!!

    Horrible support from Samsung. I called in because of a video out to TV problem. They raised the ticket and said someone would call me back....Two months later, still waiting.... Thankfully I returned the dud to VZW two weeks later. I'll never buy another Samsung.

  • carmen Says:

    I think Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is King.

  • Tom Says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is the best.

  • Julian Says:

    You made a mistake with the last poll, the HTC One was most voted for, not the FonePad.

  • Bob Says:

    The text of this blog article states "The winner of this face-off will join the HTC One in the Penultimate 4." The bracket shows the ASUS FonePad advancing.

  • Hayden Smith Says:

    You've labeled the Asus Phonepad as the winner of the Aristocratic 8 battle where the HTC One actually came out on top. (only in the picture)

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