G Styled: Blackberry 9930 - Fashionably Late To the Party?

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I don't quite know how to start this one off. You see this is quite emotional for me. Up until recently I have been a ride or die Blackberry user. The last Blackberry I owned before moving on to an Android device was the Blackberry Bold 9700. When the first hybrid touchscreen Blackberry came out (the Torch), I used it and then wished I had all of that touchscreen goodness inside my 9700's body frame.

To say that the Blackberry Bold 9930 for Verizon has given me all that I asked for in this device, is like saying the Amazon Rain Forest is a nice group of trees. The Blackberry Bold 9930 has to be the sexiest Blackberry device ever! I know many say that about each new device that comes out, but this piece of hardware right here is beautiful. Let's run that list of sexy points.

  • Super Thin - It's like RIM put the original Blackberry Bold 9000 through Billy Blanks Boot Camp DVD and then gave it a Jenny Jones makeover!
  • Performance is Faster - This is the 6 Million dollar man right here, Steve Austin in smartphone format. "We can rebuild it. We have the technology. We can make it better than it was. Better...stronger...faster." And boy have they done so!
  • Love the back panel - The glass or hard plastic look of that back cover is a nice touch. It adds an air of elegance and class ┬áto the device.
  • Overall Sexiness - I love the metal trim around the whole device, love the feel of it while holding it in my hands. It feels expensive.

What I do hate about this device? The timing. This would of been so hot 2 years ago. If this had come out instead of the 9700, I'd probably still be on Team Blackberry and content in my little Blackberry world. But alas this is 2011, and RIM this just isn't cutting it. I love everything about this piece of hardware, except the OS running on it. Visually OS 7 is already two or three seasons behind. So because of this, I wouldn't pick the phone up, no matter the price.

If you still live in Blackberry world, and you're a Verizon Wireless user up for an upgrade, this is the Blackberry you need in your life. If you have moved on from BlackBerry, don't relapse.

Blackberry Bold 9930 G Style Rating: Fashionably Late Icon

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  • tom steel Says:

    I think you summarized this pretty well. I'm trying to replace my Treo 755P and Sprint is my carrier. I love the form factor of the Treo and the 9930 is the perfect replacement for that phone or so I think? I use the phone primarily for business so it's got to be a great phone first. Then email and opening up attachments is second. My kids text constantly so having a great physical qwerty keyboard is a must. I have a itouch and just can't get use to typing on it like I can on the physical keyboard. So when I read all the discussion about the OS, I keep looking for an Android or Windows phone that would allow me to function as well as this Blackberry for the 3 most important tasks I need to do? Sure I'll give up some apps, a better camera and Android probably handles other tasks better but for calling, text input and battery life, holding that baby in my hand would bring a smile every time I pick it up. I just can't find a form factor that works as well as this on another OS. If you were me, what would you do?

  • Leroy Farted Says:

    meh. I doubt you can describe the inner workings of an operating system if you had a flow chart and Albert Einstein on your team. The "old OS" complaint is just rhetoric of ignorance. The age of the system isn't the problem, maybe you don't like the graphic design of the interface, but the OS complaint is just garbage. You sound like a petulant child complaining because it's not radical enough for you. The Porsche 911 has one style, The Chevrolet Corvette, one style, iphone, one style, and the same for all the same looking Android clones that are everywhere. What kind of difference did you expect, all teh operating systems are the same. scrolling, pinch to zoom and tapping, except this Bold has a qwerty and a track pad for easy cut and paste and clicking on links, which is an asset for those of us with adult sized fingers. You sound more like the type who leaves the trendy tag on his clothes or sticking out of his collar, just incase somebody might care what brand you buy instead of someone looking for performance and function, which is kind of what you did with this Bold review, accolades for it's look and performance, but just not trendy enough for you. I am disappoint.

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