How to Disable Backspace as Back Button in Chrome and Firefox

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Short of catching fire in your lap, it's the worst thing your computer can do to you. You're working on an important document in your web browser: an email in Gmail, a job application on or maybe an blog post in Wordpress. You hit the Backspace key to erase a letter, but instead of moving the cursor, your browser takes you back to the previous page, erasing all of your work. 

Despite the obvious risk of data loss, the geniuses who developed all of the leading browers -- Chrome, IE and Firefox -- have designated the Backspace as a keyboard shortcut for the back button. If your window focus is in a text field, Backspace will move the cursor back a space as you would expect. If not, pressing this button will take you to the last URL you visited in that tab. The problem occurs when you think your cursor is in a text field and it's not, because you just switched back from another window or you were scrolling down the page.

Here's how to disable the Backspace key's back button function in Chrome and Firefox (We haven't yet found a way to do this in IE or Safari).

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Disable Backspace as Button Button in Chrome

1. Download BackStop from the Chrome store by clicking the + Free button in the upper left corner of its description page.

backstop chrome extension i

2. Click Add when Chrome prompts to confirm the installation.

backstop confirm extension

3. Select Settings from Chrome's menu.

chrome settings

4. Click Extensions in the upper left corner of the screen.

chrome select extensions

 5. Check "Allow in incognito" to make sure BackStop works, even when you are using an Incognito window.

chrome extension allow inco

In our tests, we found that BackStop was effective in disabling the Backspace as back button in a number of applications, but not in the Chrome settings menu itself. Some web store commenters have reported that it did not work for them on some sites, but we did not experience any issues.

Disable Backspace as Back Button in Firefox

Mozilla deserves kudos for offering a backspace disabling option in the browser itself. No third-party apps or plug-ins needed. 

1. Navigate to about:config in the Firefox address bar.

firefox about config

2. Click "I'll be careful, I promise!" if prompted.

firefox ill be careful i pr

3. Enter "backspace" in the filter box. The list of preferences narrows to show just one option.

firefox backspace action search

4. Double click browser.backspace_action. A dialog box appears.

select browser backspace action

5. Enter "2" in the dialog box and click Ok. The default setting of 0 enables the Backspace button to go back and, if you change the setting to 1, Backspace will be equivalent to Page Up.

set browser backspace actio

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  • wfjfksitwke Says:

    If you know the person who came up with this shortcut please slap them so hard, their ears ring!

  • Dawn! Says:

    Wow! I never had a problem with it until today, April 25, 2016. Then my backspace key started deleting every page, every time I hit that key! Thanks for the tip! It was an easy Way around a really jacked up system.

  • Richard Cross. Says:

    Don't blame the browsers, this is actually a Windows feature - no web browser does this on Linux or OS X.

  • Paula Says:

    How do I navigate to about:config in the first place? I've done it maybe once.

  • Paula Says:

    Geez, I don't even know how to get to the first step!!
    How do I "navigate to" in the first place? I really need this because I'm playing my numbers game and if I'm not in the box, I can't eliminate possible numbers and I lose the whole game. Glad I found this but help!

  • Gina-Marie Says:

    OMG!! Thank you SO much for that, I thought I was losing my mind...

  • Dennis Says:

    Thank you very much!
    It solved my problem.

  • ARod Says:

    Avram, thank you, thank you!!!! You are a god sent, an angel from heaven and a true genius! If I still had a carriage, I would be happy to be the mother of you children!

  • YUS Says:

    You are a saint!

  • Dennis Says:

    Echoing the appreciative comments for this advice. Love Firefox even more. Now crossword puzzle won't disappear before solved.

  • anonymous Says:

    Backstop is sort of broken. Its disabling backspace completely so I can't erase a letter. Yes I know I can highlight it, but thats boring.

  • Amit Says:

    And thats not all. The genius at MS had another brilliant idea. If in a text box, pressing backspace will erase the character, IF there are characters to erase. If there are no more characters, it does the previous page thingy. That guy must be castrated.

  • Eng-ry Angle Says:

    "...the geniuses who developed all of the leading browers — Chrome, IE and Firefox — have designated the Backspace as a keyboard shortcut for the back button."

    Yeah, fuck those arrogant idiots. They couldn't 'design' their way out of a paper bag, without stopping, inanely, to make the paper bag pretty, whilst leaving loads of holes in it (functionality).
    Then throwing a Google-sponsored party for how clever they are.
    Hell is coming, under the hands of idiots like this. If the 'Devil' exists - even solely as a metaphor - he's sure using these people as his tools, and naturally they have no clue what they are creating. Not from the specific piece of software they happen to involve their lives with, but by the very principle of tolerating such ignorance within themselves and their colleagues. No, seriously, that's really how hell on earth would / has come about (I live in London, England, it's not a very pleasant place overall, affecting my philosophy as London arguably drives the world, certainly the UK's culture, slowly but surely - and sets it laws - ignorance is RAMPANT here).

  • Laura Says:

    Thank you!!!!

  • jimbo Says:

    May we know designed this "feature" so that we can teepee their house?

  • Ryan Says:

    Backstop doesn't work half the time.

  • Humberto Hepp Says:

    Thanks god for this. What a super hyper mega ultra annoying useless feature that of backspace as back button. Why the hell they still do stupid multi confusing tasking buttons... argh... when will they learn to make things simple.

  • Thank you Says:

    You. Are. The. Best. Thank you!

  • Bobby Says:


  • Dixon Says:

    Excellent, clear and concise instructions. Thank you!

  • Brett O Says:

    I appreciate this, and I agree with the "genius" assertion. To think that people who have so much emphasis regarding the internet/technology/etc could be so shortsighted. Its actually sad that third party applications have to be implemented for chrome to achieve something that should never have happened in the first place.

    A lot of these devs should be embarrassed at their own displays of ineptitude. Thanks laptopmag.

  • Michael Says:

    As of 20 June 2014, Back Stop doesn't even work on THIS page.

  • Becky Says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for this! I could just KISS you!!! You have probably saved me from throwing my laptop through the window.

  • Julie Says:

    Thank you Avram - you just saved me many many headaches with your clear and simple directions.

    I appreciate you!

  • Thank you. Says:


  • Jason Says:

    Thanks for this info. It may not work for everything but I hope people will be helpful and not hateful and presumptuous. Regardless of any developer's wishes, the backspace being used as a back key has been known for many years regardless of OS or browser. What baffles me is why responsible developers won't thus include a simple way to change that behavior.

  • Mike Says:

    I believe "Disable Backspace as Button Button in Chrome" should be "Disable Backspace as Back Button in Chrome".

  • Adrian McCabe Says:

    Thanks so much for providing this information Avram.
    This has happened many times over the years and it is VERY annoying. I was just on eBay when it happened, and wiped out my message and i then wouldn't let me go forward. Frustrating, so i thought ... putting an end to this and found your page.
    It's happened in Hotmail in the past wiping out emails too. Chrome and Firefox now fixed.
    Cheers, Adrian.

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