Computex 2013 Day 3: Top 7 Stories

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Our third day at Computex 2013 in Taipei was just as action packed as the rest of the show. We watched gamers play "Crysis 3" on the Razer Blade 14, the world's thinnest gaming -- and maybe, powerful -- laptop. And speaking of power, Thunderbolt 2, a wired connectivity technology from Intel, can move bits and bytes at unprecedented speeds. Oh, and we took a sneak peek at the future of Windows 8. Here are all the highlights from our day 3 of coverage. 

Razer Introduces Blade 14, World's Thinnest Gaming Rig

The first thing we noticed about the Razer Blade 14 is its stunning, all-black aluminum chassis with eye-catching green accents on the lid, keyboard, and USB ports. The next thing is ultra-thin profile: at just .66 inches thick, this Blade is the thinnest gaming laptop the world has ever seen. A real feat considering it packs an Intel Haswell Core i7, an Nvidia GTX 765M chip, 8GB of RAM and a solid-state drive inside that beautiful casing. 

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Intel Thunderbolt 2 Doubles Bandwidth to 20 Gbps

The news isn't just that Intel's wired transfer technology is twice as fast as its 10 Gbps antecedent. It's that the standard now has the bandwidth to complete tasks such as sending a 4K video to a wireless monitor while simultaneously downloading another 4k video to a storage drive, all via the same Thunderbolt 2 pipe. For more demos, check out the video via the link below.

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GeChic Debuts Portable Touch Monitor for Tablets

Ever wish you could run Android on a touch screen bigger than 10 inches? Or, perhaps you could use a second screen for your laptop when on- the- go? Well, GeChic may have just what you’re looking for. The company unveiled its 1502I on-lap touch monitor at this year’s Computex, which lets users connect their mobile device or laptop to GeChic’s 1080p touch screen display.

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AMD Kaveri Boosts Graphics for Gamers

AMD showcased its fourth generation Kaveri APU chip for the first time at Computex 2013. AMD’s Senior Vice President and General Manager Lisa Su promises that Kaveri will come with a new APU architecture that focuses more on running applications. It’s also the first chip to ship with the company’s Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA), which means its expected to offer increased performance and power efficiency when running programs. 

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ASUS U38N Notebook Runs on 3rd-Gen Richard APU

At this year’s Computex, AMD showcased devices running on its third-generation Richland APU that have yet to hit the market. One such notebook, The ASUS U38N, is a refresh of ASUS’ previous design with AMD’s latest APU inside. We had the chance to see how graphics looked on the U38N’s HD touch screen display, and came away with mixed impressions.

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Intel Atom 'Bay Trail' Chips Speed Up Your Next Tablet

Your next Windows 8 tablet going to be a a lot faster and more power efficient. Here at Computex, Intel showed off its upcoming Atom “Bay Trail” processors for Windows and Android devices, which ups the low-power ante with quad-core, 22-nanometer processors and support for DirectX 11 graphics. We had a chance to view one of Intel’s reference design Bay Trail tablets in action, running Windows 8 and Android 4.2.

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With Windows 8.1, Microsoft Wants to Win Back Users

We’re just a few weeks away from Microsoft’s Build conference, but the company decided to give Computex attendees a preview of what to expect from Windows 8.1. Microsoft’s Antoine LeBlonde provided a walkthrough of the improvements users can expect with Windows 8.1, which include  user interface improvements, better multitasking, improved search and updated pre-loaded apps.

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