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Windows 10 crashes PC games — Here's how to fix the issue

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Microsoft has released a new optional update for Windows 10 that will fix a bug affecting some users when they play games in full-screen mode or tablet mode. It also resolves other annoying performance issues.

The update, KB4598291, fixes a bug that causes crashes when PC games are being played on full-screen mode (so, a lot of the time) or when a device is in tablet mode. This only happened to a few Windows 10 users, so those who aren't affected don't need to bother with the update. 

The patch update also fixes an issue that changes the Alt+Tab feature, causing users to switch to a random window instead of the one they wanted. That's pretty annoying behavior as it defeats the ease and convenience of the shortcut.

Other issues now fixed include a problem that prevented users from opening a document on the Windows desktop, along with a blank lock screen being displayed after a device wakes up from "Hibernate."

As spotted on Windows Latest, the update also fixes an issue that caused users to be automatically signed out of their apps when restarting their system, which meant having to sign back in on all their applications every time. Thankfully, that should now be patched up. 

How to get the optional update

Since the update isn't installed by default, users will need to find the update themselves to fix the issues. This can be done via Windows Update or Windows Update. Just head to Settings, then click on Update & Security and click Windows Update.

From there, navigate to optional updates where you'll find the KB4598291 link to install the update. Hopefully, a few users can finally play in full-screen mode without a worry. What games, you ask? You may want to try some of the best PC games that we're playing right now.