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Who needs a tutor? Microsoft adds Math Solver tool to Edge Browser: How to use it

Microsoft Edge Math Solver
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft has started testing out a new Math Solver tool in the Edge browser to solve any formula on a website. Ever since Microsoft started adapting the Chromium engine within Edge, its capabilities have grown exponentially. There have been a series of expansive and powerful updates in the last week alone. 

Edge had to catch up to browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox and, of late, has been introducing unique features and tools that are causing a stir. The new math solving tool is now available to a select few users in the Edge Canary build and is driven by the Bing search engine. 

Math Solver will obviously bring great joy to students who may be struggling with their school work. Being given a tool to help them quickly look up the solutions to complicated mathematical formulas can be a real benefit. 

The Math Solver tool can be used in two ways. You can type out the math problem manually or use a lasso tool to draw around a formula or equation and then let Math Solver use its OCR to convert the problem and solve it for the user. 

The only way to use Math Solver is to download and use the latest Canary build of Edge 90, which you can find here. Once you downloaded, you must manually engage the tool by clicking the three-dot menu on the upper right of the page window then go to Settings, Appearance, and then select Show Math Solver.