Microsoft Edge will no longer hog CPU and RAM — Here's why

Microsoft Edge
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Microsoft Edge will no longer hog all of your processing power and memory. The Chromium-based browser has rolled out a new tab-management tool that will allow users to conserve CPU and RAM usage (via TechRadar).

The new tab-management feature, according to Microsoft, will slash memory and processor usage by 32% and 37%, respectively.

New tab management feature rolls out on Microsoft Edge

The most recent beta build of Microsoft Edge launched the "sleeping tab" feature, which allows users to pause inactive tabs that are hogging too many system resources.

"Just like a good night’s sleep allows you to stay focused and productive the next day, sleeping tabs helps optimize your browser’s performance by freeing up resources for the tabs you’re really using," Microsoft said.

The new sleeping tab update lets Microsoft Edge users pause tabs after five minutes of inactivity, offers group policies to manage sleeping tabs for IT admins, and informs users which tabs are "sleeping" using an "improved visual treatment."

Microsoft warned that putting some tabs to sleep could negatively affect active sites. As such, the Redmond-based tech giant promised that it will alarm users about tabs that should remain active. 

In some cases, a tab may not wake up after you've forced it asleep. When this happens, Microsoft recommends refreshing the page and alerting the team about the issue by pressing Alt+Shift +I, which will launch a Send Feedback window.

You can experiment with Microsoft's new sleeping tab feature in Edge Beta 88.

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