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iPhone 13 leak reveals this first-ever upgrade for Apple phones

iPhone 12 Pro
(Image credit: Apple)

The iPhone 12 hasn't been out a week yet but rumors are already popping up about the upcoming iPhone 13 and a huge spec upgrade. The iPhone 12 is already considered a huge upgrade from the iPhone 11 thanks to 5G, an OLED display and the new A14 Bionic chip. 

But what could Apple have in store for the next iteration of the iPhone? How about 1TB of storage? The iPhone 12s currently max out at 512GB of storage, but rumors have the iPhone 13 doubling that to 1TB. If it's true, that would put it right in line with other phone makers like Samsung, that are already providing 1TB of storage in newer phones. 

Noted Apple leaker,  Jon Prosser, tweeted this gem this past Tuesday evening. 

Jon Prosser Tweet

(Image credit: Jon Prosser)

Prosser has hit many home runs this past year with most of his leaks being spot on in regards to the specs of the iPhone 12 line of phones recently released by Apple. 

While not as reliable as Prosser, leaker @macintoshleak recently dropped this iPhone 13 spec bomb, which if it pans out would be mind-blowing. 


(Image credit: Macintosh Leak)

Let's be honest here, the ability to film in 8K would be unprecedented and you will need all the rumored 1TB storage to do so. There are so many exciting rumors coming out about the iPhone 13 that I almost feel bad for the iPhone 12. It has only been a week and it's getting treated like an ex.