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Clubhouse Android app set to arrive 'over the coming weeks' — beta rolling out now

Clubhouse App
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Despite Clubhouse's overwhelming popularity over the past few months, with tens of millions of weekly listeners, it has only been available for those who have an iPhone. Now, the audio-only chat app's iOS exclusivity is ending soon.

Clubhouse has started rolling out a beta version of its highly sought-after Android app, and the company is expected to welcome more users over the next few weeks. 

As posted in its release notes to beta testers (via PhoneArena), Clubhouse for Android is only available to a "handful of friendly testers." Other users on iOS devices will be able to interact with those that are testing out the official Android app.

What's more, Clubhouse also states it wants to welcome more Android users over the next few weeks which was hinted at before by Clubhouse's Android developer. Since iPhone users are still only able to sign up via invite on a waiting list, we expect the same method to be used for Android users.

Surprisingly, Clubhouse is still in development. The dev team is still “working hard” to get the app ready for everyone, now including Android users.

Coming to a new system could signal Clubhouse losing its invite-only method and letting everyone sign up. However, with growing competition from Facebook, Twitter, and even Spotify, it may need to do this sooner rather than later. 

Clubhouse downloads are falling 

With Tiffany Haddish, Elon Musk, and even Oprah speaking on the platform, Clubhouse has seen a massive increase in downloads. According to stat site backlinko, downloads from December 2020 went from 600,000 to a whopping 10 million as of February 2021.

However, the rate of downloads has now significantly declined. the audio-only app saw 922,000 downloads around the world in April, according to a Sensor Tower spokesperson speaking to Insider. That's a 66% decrease in downloads compared to the 2.7 million in March.

However, the analyst also stated the app's user base is still strong. While Clubhouse's downloads may be falling, keep in mind there are many more Android smartphone users around the world compared to iPhone users.

Once Clubhouse becomes officially available to all Android users, the audio-network app could see a boom in popularity once more. Find out more about what Clubhouse is and how it is changing social platforms for the better.

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