Windows 365 with Copilot — What you need to know

Microsoft Surface 10 Pro and Surface Laptop 6 for Business
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Microsoft has gone all-in on Copilot, from putting AI integration into their new Surface devices and Microsoft365 to Windows 11. The company has also added several much-needed features to its Windows 365 cloud computing platform.

All Windows 11 users will be able to access Copilot from the Windows taskbar or the Copilot key on compatible devices. For Windows 365, users now have access to multiple security updates, virtual GPUs, and AI Cloud PC resizing.

What you need to know

Windows365 is Microsoft's cloud PC platform for business and consumer purposes. As a cloud computing system, it is available on all platforms. The new announcement from Microsoft mostly focuses on security updates, the Windows App, Windows365 GPU, and AI Cloud PC Resizing solutions.

In terms of security updates, Windows 365 now supports a set of new features designed to protect against data leaks and data loss. Both Windows365 and Azure Virtual Desktop support single sign-on and passwordless authentication as well as third-party IDP support to keep your data secure. Windows365 and Azure Virtual Desktop also support Cloud PC encryption as well as watermarking, screen capture protection, and tamper protection. So you can be sure your virtual data is protected from unauthorized access or manipulation. These updates are now generally available to all Windows 365 users.

Windows 365 also offers Windows 365 GPU support for access to powerful GPU-enabled Cloud PCs. Ideal for graphic design, image and video rendering, 3D modeling, data processing, and visualization, Windows 365 GPU allows users to run apps using the local GPU resource. This was one of the most requested updates to Windows 365, as it allows for far more versatility in the cloud computing platform. Windows 365 GPU is now in public preview.

For those looking to use Windows on their devices, the Windows App is now available via the Microsoft Store, online, or in TestFlight for Apple devices. The Windows App functions as a portal to Windows365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Remote Desktop, Remote Desktop Services, and Microsoft Dev Box. The Windows App is now in public preview.

Lastly, Windows 365 will be using AI to offer Cloud PC resizing recommendations to help reduce costs and simplify security and management of Windows 365 Cloud PCs. This feature is now in public preview.

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