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Chomp Review

Our Verdict

Thanks to a beautiful interface and an excellent app recommendation system, Chomp makes for a strong alternative to the Android and iOS app stores.


  • Fun, clean, easy-to-use interface
  • Large buttons and font in app
  • Search results easy to scan
  • Percentage ratings from other Chomp users
  • Reviews based on a like/dislike basis


  • Few results per page
  • No personalized recommendations

Finding new and interesting apps for your smartphone can be a pain. Chomp is a good alternative to the Android Market and the Apple App Store, recommending apps based on the ones you've already installed in a clean, uncluttered interface.

Sporting the most aesthetically pleasing interface, Chomp's candy-apple red theme (baby blue on the iPhone) is fun but not overly bright or annoying. The app's large search bar and font are practical for mobile devices with small touchscreens.

On Chomp's homepage are a host of features such as new and discounted apps, as well as a list of categories. Clicking on an app displays a screenshot with a brief description. Next to that is the percentage of the people who liked the app, which you can tap to read reviews. You can easily browse through search results with the swipe of a finger.

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While Yahoo's AppSpot displays similar information, Chomp's interface looks much more sophisticated. It also makes it easier to process things at a glance, allowing you to skip quickly through apps with bad reviews or descriptions that don't match your search.

Clicking on a search result takes you to a page with more information as well as multiple screenshots. You can also see short user reviews with ratings of a healthy red heart or a gray broken heart signifying a positive or negative review.

Chomp uses an algorithm that finds apps based on the function of the app rather than just the app name, which made it easy to find apps that were most relevant. When we searched the term "cooking," Chomp returned results with a few games, but overall it gave us appropriate apps.

Additionally, on the iPhone app you can sign in with a Chomp account or Facebook and Twitter, follow reviewers (some of whom are tech experts) on Chomp, and add apps to a Watch List, which is like a wish list you can use to keep track of apps you like but don't want to download just yet.

We found Chomp's system to be the most useful out of all the app search engines we've reviewed. The ratings show a bar with the percentage of hearts (or positive reviews) given by reviewers. It also shows how many people reviewed each app.

Out of all the app search engines we've reviewed, Chomp had the best interface and rating system. The app is clean, uncluttered, and easy to use. Chomp's way of displaying search results in boxes rather than in list form also makes it easier to browse through results on a smartphone. If you're looking for a better way to find new apps, it's worth sinking your teeth into Chomp.