iPhone 16 Plus color leak will brighten your day

iPhone 16 Plus
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iPhone color leaks are often not the most exciting rumors, especially when these technological monstrosities can take massive generational leaps, but it doesn't change that it's fun to see what's coming to the iPhone 16 nonetheless.

As reported by MacRumors, Weibo leaker Fixed Focus Digital claims that the iPhone 16 Plus will launch with seven whole colors compared to the iPhone 15 Plus' five colors. None are being replaced, as Apple is simply adding onto the list with White and Purple. 

This means the full list of iPhone 16 Plus colors are rumored to be: Blue, Pink, Green, Yellow, Black, Purple, and White. While White is a pretty simple one, the addition of Purple (likely in a similar pastel fashion) might make lavender lovers happy.

iPhone 16 Plus rumor adding White and Purple

Color is a huge part of our identities and how we present ourselves, and something as simple as a product incorporating our favorite hue can go a long way in determining whether it's worth your money. 

In my case, the pastel pink iPhone has been the closest I've ever been to considering a proper swap—performance and features be damned.

iPhone 16

(Image credit: Apple)

I know some serious purple-heads in my life who are also Apple-heads, and the inclusion of a pastel purple/lavender will make them lose their minds. We also don't know if this only available for iPhone 16 Plus or if it'll be present on other models in their own style, but we're looking forward to the phone being announced this year.

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