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Zoom bombers begone! New update blocks meeting intruders

Zoom app
(Image credit: Shutterstock)

Zoom recently enabled a new feature that alerts hosts to intruders entering their meetings. Zoombombing, where people enter random meetings and enter disruptive comments, has become an annoying trend as more people are using the service throughout the course of the pandemic.

The company's latest feature will limit opportunities for those seeking to Zoombomb. When a host notices suspicious persons in their meeting. they can temporarily pause the digital gathering and remove disruptive participants. The host can also click the  “Suspend Participant Activities,” and all meeting features will cease, including screen sharing, recording, and Breakout Rooms. Your meeting participants will be able to report disruptive bombers from within the Zoom client feature by clicking on the security badge located on the top left corner. 

Then all the host has to do is report the Zoombombers and they will be removed. Zoom’s Trust and Safety team will handle the rest to make sure it's not become a recurring issue. Leaving you to conduct your meeting with all pertinent features turned back on. 

In addition, Zoom reported it will bring an internal tool to the public shortly that will prevent Zoombombing from happening in the first place. The tool is called At-Risk Meeting Notifier. Zoom states "it scans public social media posts and other websites for publicly shared Zoom Meeting links. When the tool detects a meeting that looks to be at high risk of being disrupted, it automatically alerts the account owner by email and provides advice on what to do. "

Zoombombers beware, your reign of terror is soon to end.