Yawn, iPhone 15 may come with slightly faster charging

Yawn, iPhone 15 may come with slightly faster charging
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According to a report from BGR, a leaker recently let drop that the upcoming iPhone 15 will come with stacked batteries, a feature the soon-to-be-released Samsung Galaxy S24 will not have. Why is this significant? Stacked batteries offer various benefits compared to the rolled batteries we find in smartphones. 

One of the benefits of using stacked batteries is that they're more compact, feature better energy density, and dissipate heat better, which means longer battery life. The main benefit which should bring you joy is the fast charging capabilities of stacked batteries, which is why the technology is used in electric vehicles. Sadly, instead of taking full advantage of this, the rumor is Apple will cap it at 40W, which is way below several Android devices.  

Why the cap

Although phones like the OnePlus 11 and upcoming OnePlus 12 feature fast charging up to 100W, Samsung and Apple charging remain rather pedestrian at best. Although Leaker RGcloudS recently shared they've seen 40W wired and 20W magsafe charging, those speeds have you napping as you wait to recharge your device.

Although there have been rumors that Samsung may go up to 65W of fast charging, they remain rumors, and we won't know anything until after Samsung's Unpacked event. While responding to someone on the Twitter thread, it was also mentioned that Apple would be using a new power chip and protocol. But they didn't know for sure if it would be available with the iPhone 15 or if it may come with the iPhone 16

Sadly, Apple is slowly adopting technology others have been using for a while now, and once again, the company isn't innovating. It will be just another incremental upgrade that the company has become famous for. Remember when the iPhone was so exciting and game-changing? The iPhone is starting to feel like my grandparent's Buick, a boring family car that is just middle of the road but comfy because it's familiar. 

I mean, going from 20W to 40W doubles the charging speed, but when my OnePlus 11 charges to 100% in 22 minutes and my iPhone takes 30 minutes to get to 50%, it makes a huge difference. Some makers try to tell you fast charging can affect battery life over the life of your device. However, why does that matter when the same tech makers expect you to buy a new phone every 18 months? 

Well, enjoy spending $1,500 on Pop Pop and Nana's favorite iPhone, and I will save money and enjoy the OnePlus 12 and be part of the future. 

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