Windows 11 Snipping Tool isn't working for many users — here's why

Windows 11
Windows 11 (Image credit: Future)

The Windows 11 Snipping Tool, along with a handful of other apps, is not working for many users. According to Microsoft's "Windows 11 Known Issues and Notifications" page, the culprit is an expired digital certificate preventing users from launching and/or using several built-in programs.

Other affected apps include the Touch Keyboard, Voice Typing and the Emoji Panel. Microsoft released a patch for this issue, but you'll have to update it manually because it's currently in the preview channel. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the Redmond-based tech giant has not yet found a fix for the Snipping Tool app (via The Verge).

Some Windows 11 apps are not working, but there's a fix — kind of

If you've unsuccessfully tried to take a screenshot with the Windows 11 Snipping Tool or had trouble expressing your deepest, truest feelings in the form of an emoji, you are not alone. Since Nov. 1, several Windows 11 apps have not been working smoothly. As mentioned, the Snipping Tool, Emoji Panel, Touch Keyboard and Voice Typing programs are broken as well as the S-Mode Start Menu and Settings apps.

Microsoft rolled out a fix (patch KB4006746), but only for the Touch Keyboard, Voice Typing, and Emoji Panel apps. If you've been hoping for a rectification of the Snipping Tool and S-Mode apps, you won't find it — at least, not yet.

"We are working on a near-term resolution for the Snipping tool and the S mode issues and will provide an update when available," Microsoft said.

To install the partial fix, navigate to Settings > Windows Update. 

For users seeking a workaround solution for the Snipping Tool app, Microsoft recommends using the Print Screen key on your keyboard and pasting the screenshot into Paint to select and copy the section you want.

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