Windows 11: Microsoft pledges to tackle performance issues in 2022

Windows 11
Windows 11 (Image credit: Laptop Mag)

Windows 11, earning mixed critical-reception scores among tech pundits, didn't receive the glowing reviews Microsoft was expecting. Our recent Windows 11 review (as well as our why I hate Windows 11 feature) reveals our stance on the brand spankin' new OS: it doesn't live up to our expectations.

In a recent Reddit post (spotted by How to Geek), Microsoft revealed that it'll be focusing its efforts on enhancing the OS' performance. The Redmond-based tech giant says that it plans to boost how well the OS launches during the startup process, however, we're going to need more than that for us to be fully satisfied with Windows 11.

Microsoft plans to boost Windows' startup and launch performance in 2022

On Reddit, Microsoft recently opened the floor for feedback. One commenter claimed that Windows 10's performance issues spilled over into Windows 11. "Are you expecting to fix this in the near future? Because right now WinUI is an app killer for me," Thotaz said.

"Performance will be an area of focus for us in 2022. A lot of that focus will go into startup and launch," a Microsoft rep said. "Most of the UI elements render pretty quickly already, but it would be good to understand if there are specific UI element scaling/slowness issues you're experiencing and we could take a look into that specific scenario."

Personally, I haven't experienced any significant performance issues on Windows 11, and my colleagues haven't either, but of course, everyone's experience is different depending on a myriad of factors. However, there is a consensus that Microsoft should be redirecting its focus to other faulty aspects of the OS that have nothing to do with performance. For example, a common grievance is how labrythine it is to change one's default browser. However, it seems like Microsoft is double-downing on this. The Redmond-based tech giant recently blocked EdgeDeflector and other processes that thwart its mission of imposing Microsoft Edge on its users.

With Microsoft's open discussion on Reddit and other platforms, the company seems open to hearing users' feedback and determing how to increase customer satisfaction. If not, macOS will start to look mighty alluring and attractive to Windows loyalists.

Still, we have faith Microsoft could change the tides and increase Windows 11's popularity among the masses.

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