What is Microsoft Teams' Walkie Talkie feature and why you want it

Microsoft Teams Walkie Talkie
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Android users have been enjoying Microsoft's walkie-talkie feature for a while now, but will soon be joined by Teams phones. What's a Teams phone? I had the same question. Teams phones are third-party devices that are specifically built and optimized for the Microsoft Teams app. The phones will allow you to Smokey and the Bandit it up, at work or with friends and family. 

Microsoft added new information about its developing walkie-talkie feature to the Microsoft 365 roadmap recently, and the company has slated the new Teams phones for release this coming September.  Microsoft stated, " Like traditional walkie-talkies, the Walkie Talkie app on your Teams phones provides an instant push-to-talk (PTT) communication for your team. It allows you to press and hold a button to speak to your team and release the button to listen. Users can connect with their team using the Teams channels."

Besides my Nextel flashbacks, with me racing around in my 1979 Camaro black-and-red rally sport, screaming, "that's a big ten four good buddy," there have to be practical uses for sure. Possibly you have a cool boss who is asking if those documents are ready, and you can say, "Roger that big dog." 

The Teams phones are still being developed and should be available in September. And while we know walkie-talkie fun is coming for Android but, what about us iPhone users? It was previously reported that the feature was coming to iOS in June. However, it's now July and nothing; iPhone users are still asking where it is

For now, you can enjoy the walkie-talkie Teams feature on Android phones and when Teams phones become available. I hear Nextel is still a thing; maybe Apple will make a Nextel iPhone? 

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